Smoked Paprika (2 cups) A Flavorful floor Spice made from Dried Red Chili Peppers timber Smoked because that a strong & acting Flavor, practically Shaker Bottle

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IngredientsSmoked Paprika
Weight10.55 Ounces
Package Weight0.32 Kilograms
Produce offered asLoose


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I thought I could save a few bucks to buy bulk, finished up really disappointed.The manufactures label is so tiny, you need a microscope to read...literally. I might not see a nation of origin on the label any kind of where.The color of this paprika leans on orange, no the deep red of top quality paprika. The taste test, in my opinion is a really lightly acting talcum powder. I can not taste any type of underlying paprika flavoring or much flavor in ~ all.The high reviews amazes me. Really?I wanted to return immediately, NO RETURNS allowed by seller. After part research, I have the right to not find a place for this agency or phone call number come complain. I did find out they generally sell bulk spices on various other auction sites...go figure!
ns couldn"t think it when I opened up the seasoned of "smoked" paprika. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. No smoke odor whatsoever. Ns got an ext smoke odor from the jar of keep brand acting paprika that i had. I believed I had received an the end of date product, yet nope, expiration day is 07/2022. Therefore this is simply a bs product that i can"t return. Execute NOT BUY!
i love the smooth smoky smell of this paprika. They make a much better product than the staple brand McKormick. Theirs had a chemical flavor, however this brand reminds me the grilling peppers top top the BBQ.
ns really delighted in this exhilaration paprika on my crispy Monterey Jack chicken. Including this spice make a whole distinction in the dish, it to be so good! The paprika is not specifically free-flowing like various other seasonings on the market, but that is because this is pure paprika, and doesn"t include any type of anti-caking agents like most on the market. I will certainly buy again in the future.
Didn"t prefer the flavor. McCormick was a richer smell (for me).Holes are too big, you simply dump a entirety lot at one spot. Looks ugly. This is a sprinkling spice for me, and also I think for most, the it is frustrating.Not free flowing.Stuck with a whole bunch that it. Dislike to throw it away. Yet ordering McCormick today. :(
Love to use this in every dish! great value and quality, to add a great flavor and also helps me stick to low/no sodium way of life
I might not find my usual in stores and decided to buy here.I to plan on splitting the bottle v my friend together it is plentiful.There is NO smoky flavor at all and it tastes an ext like (pardon my saying)dirt. It"s completely not like any other smoked Paprika I"ve ever tried....Disappointing as I love it mixed with so plenty of things.
I"ve been wanting to obtain a goodly lot of acting paprika and this turned the end perfect. Ns purchased mainly to make my very own meat rubs because that smoking. The paprika is new smelling and also has a wonderful spicy smoked flavor.I introduce this size bottle and brand.

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