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First i would similar to to say im glad I discovered this site. I simply recently began hunting and theres a lot I have the right to learn here. I"ve to be looking at buying a 30-06 because that a while now and a friend of mine desires to market me his. It"s a Remington 700 BDL 30-06 and also he has a Leupold VX-2 placed on it. He said he purchased it in 1999 or 2003 . The sighted in the scope and also its remained in his safe ever before since. He has never take it it hunting. He stated he to buy it together a back up rifle. He"s questioning $750 because that it and I simply wanted to find out if the seems prefer a fair price. Thanks for any aid you have the right to give.

I would certainly take it, a brand-new BDL 30-06 at walmart runs $777 without a border or rings, view if he will drop some but if not the price is still good.
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Yes, I would pick that up. Together a issue of reality I acquired mine in a comparable deal. The rifle to be from 1994 or 1996, the share looked favor he never had actually it in the field. You are additionally getting a $200+ scope and rings because that free. You could always throw the an a Remington synthetic stock because that the field as that is lighter and also has the recoil pad constructed in, or hunt with it the method it is (Brett Favre style)

A vari-x 2 goes because that 300 bucks or so this days, I would certainly jump ~ above it like Rosie"O Donnel on a porkchop.
Re Rem 700
Yeh Price is about right with a quality scope top top it. I have actually a ADL purchase in 82 in 30-06 and have been happy with looks and also accuracy. As well as a new BDL choose the males say room $800 there is no a great scope.

I have around the exact same setup friend described. Bought the in 2002 for about $375+/- and included the exact same Leupold V2 border you pointed out for another $300+/-. Definitely, i wouldn"t sell it for less than $900 today.

This is what you need to tell the man..
I have about the same setup you described. Bought the in 2002 for roughly $375+/- and included the same Leupold V2 border you mentioned for another $300+/-. Definitely, i wouldn"t market it for much less than $900 today.
Man that is a beauty. Love that shiny finish. Mine is one ADL bought ago in 82 when they changed to a satin complete in the ADl with reduced checkering and also sling swivel studs added. Gettin tough to uncover these walnut stocked Rems in several of the more recent stores. Heard walnut has become quite high-quality for fairly some time now.
Offer $600.00 then wait because that his counter.I would go $750.00 however only if you want to save it lengthy term.
I can"t speak to values, yet I have actually my dad"s .30-06 700 BDL, and also it"s priceless come me. It"s a many older 보다 that too, yet still in great shape, he just took it out to go elk searching once every fall.
I know Don. I preserved a total Digest from 1972 and laugh once I look in ~ the prices yet then ns recall $175 to be a healthy and balanced chunk of adjust for myself earlier then.
Thanks guys for all the input. I looked in ~ it yesterday and also its a pretty light gun and also it looks like he retained it in the safe because he to buy it. The just other weapons I very own are both marlin bar actions 45-70 and also 30-30 and both that those space stainless. As soon as I choose up the 30-06 i was suprised exactly how much lighter it was then those . I"ve been well-known to make a couple of bad impulse buys so i slept top top it and decided to acquire it tomorrow..Does anyone right here know just how to gain the year native the serial number?Serial # C6387450 . Thanks again for all the replies they were helpfull.

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Try that Remington society of America. And give that decreased recoil ammo a shot from Rem. Once you shoot her 30/06. Noticeable reduction in recoil ns thought. Many of my shots space under 75 yards on whitetails.
Yeah the Remington culture thing might be outdated. In my earlier article I placed that I can not remember once my rifle to be made. Ns did email Remington last year, so i dug increase the email My serial is C686xxxx and also it was made in 1994. Therefore if the owner picked it increase in the so late 90"s it can have been on the shelf for a while. Follow to the Remington culture thing it should have actually been 1982 or 2008. For this reason I would say 1994, or you deserve to email Remington and also they will certainly tell you because that sure. Either way, Remington put much more love into their rifles ago then. "Dear xxxxxx,Thank you for visiting Remington Country! We definitely appreciate you taking the time to compose in v your question. According to the serial number provided, your 700 BDL was made in 1994. Need to you have extr questions, you re welcome feel totally free to contact our customer Services department at 800-243-9700, 9:00 to be – 5:00 pm, EST, Monday v Friday."