This guide will talk about some the the most usual problems that cause the check engine warning top top Chrysler vehicles. This will also carry out step-by-step instructions and videos on exactly how to use OBD-II scanners come diagnose the Chrysler check engine light yourself.

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Chrysler inspect engine light come on come warn the driver the something is wrong with one of your car"s contents (in many cases, the emissengine light come on to warn the driver that something is not correct with one of your car"s components (in most cases, the emissions system).

Even if your Chrysler cd driver without any type of performance issues, execute not overlook the engine light. If there are no engine noises, the engine doesn"t shake, or is not overheating; friend can proceed to drive with caution. Get the auto diagnosed as soon as possible.


If her Chrysler check engine irradiate is on, pay attention to how your automobile is performing. In some cases, you may an alert one or much more of the followiengine irradiate is on, pay attention to just how your automobile is performing. In some cases, girlfriend may an alert one or an ext of the following problems:

Rough idlingPoor accelerationEngine shakes or operation roughEngine overheating

The symptoms have the right to vary depending upon which component or sensor is malfunctioning.

What root cause a inspect engine irradiate on aengine light on a Chrysler? 

Common problems that trigger Chrysler check, engine light:

Loose gas capSpark plugsEVAP leakVacuum leak

Without reading the codes, the is impossible to understand why her Chrysler examine engine lightengine light is on.

This is a simple procedure to perform yourself or have a mechanic or dealer perform for you.

How to Reset Chrysler examine Engine LightEngine Light

Let"s look at instructions on just how to read and clear the Chrysler check engine lightengine light(s).

For this procedure, friend will require an OBD-II scanner.

Read codes. The following step is to check out the codes. Currently we will take a look in ~ using miscellaneous scan devices to diagnose Chrysler inspect engine lightengine light. 
Fix all the troubles found in step 3. Reconnect the scanner and also select clean Fault password from the key menu to clear the codes and reset the inspect engine lightengine light. 

These instructions job-related on 1996 and also newer Chrysler vehicles, consisting of Chrysler models such together Town and also Country, 300, 300M, 200, Aspen, Pacifica, Sebring, Voyager, PT Cruiser, Crossfire, LHS, Cirrus, 300C. First, we will certainly take a look at the procedure.

Read codes, what"s next?

Once friend retrieve the error code(s) indigenous the ECU, that is time to research the problem.

Write under the code and also search virtual to check out if other Chrysler owner have had that problem and how they addressed it.

Quite often, the equipment for the exact same code can vary from make to make. If friend don"t find enough information, find a dependable mechanic who can offer you a second opinion.

It is highly recommended that you acquire a second opinion from a mechanic prior to you replace parts.

While the fault code is all you require to determine the defective component in many cases, that"s not constantly the case.

Can a loose Gas Cap revolve on Chrysler check Engine LightEngine Light?

One the the most common reasons that a Chrysler examine engine light comes on is a loose gas cap. If that"s the case, you will not notice any performance isengine light come on is a loosened gas cap. If that"s the case, you will not an alert any performance concerns at all.

Check the gas cap and tighten it until you hear that click. More recent Chryslers execute not have actually a gas lid at all, however they have a capless design.

You can continue to run the vehicle unless the examine engine irradiate iengine light is flashing.

Why Does Chrysler examine Engine irradiate FlasEngine light Flash On and also Off

If your examine engine irradiate is flashing on and also off, you need to pull end as shortly as the is saengine light is flashing on and off, you need to pull over as shortly as it is safe to do so.

It is encourage to have actually the automobile towed to protect against further damages to the engine and the catalytic converter.

Ignoring the examine engine light deserve to potentially cause problems come otengine light deserve to potentially reason problems to other systems.

For example, if the check engine light come on due to the fact that the engine is runniengine light comes on due to the fact that the engine is running also rich.

Not only will her fuel MPG decrease, but you will certainly shorten the life the the catalytic converter, which can be very expensive to repair.

How walk Chrysler examine Engine LightEngine irradiate Work?

The ECU monitors miscellaneous sensors placed on the engine block, intake, and exhaust, such together temperature, airflow, and O2 sensors.

If an anomaly is identified or a sensor is operation out the range, it shop a fault password in the Engine control Unit (ECU).

These password are known as Diagnostic trouble Codes (DTC), often referred to together fault codes.

Retrieving the fault code from the ECU is the an initial procedure the is carry out to discover why the inspect engine light is on. This have the right to be perform by a mechanic, Chrysler dealer, engine irradiate is on. This have the right to be performed by a mechanic, Chrysler dealer, or yourself.

Your Chrysler dealer will diagnose the examine engine irradiate codes cost-free of fee if the automobile is undengine irradiate codes cost-free of charge if the car is under warranty.

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If her Chrysler is no under warranty, friend will have to pay (in many cases) when you take it your auto to the dealer or auto mechanic.