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Okay so ns have determined "rfa" needs to do with the keyless entry/alarm on our 2002 TB. The dash reflects the same message "RFA 2 battery low" through both my vital and mine husbands key. So carry out I need to replace both keychain batteries? Or is there one more seperate battery to the alarm inside the car? If so wherein would the be? What type of battery am i looking for? mine husband and I are both confused in this one. Have the right to anybody aid translate this error for united state to understand? many thanks in advance!

I i found it the various other day the the remotes top top mine room numbered top top the back. So mine guess, and also this would certainly be just a guess, the the battery in far 2 needs to it is in replaced. This would certainly be whereby I would begin at least. Ns tried Google yet couldn"t find any kind of definite answers.
sorry for the old bump, but i to be pumped to discover this aug i had RFA 1 battery low, while in vacation. Had actually a panic and also bought part steel wool to clean turn off my contacts on the battery together it was the only thing i could do in ~ the time. Acquired home, battery tested short (was practically 6 years old) alternator to be good. Readjusted the battery and everything seemed the rfa 1 battery short again today. Currently i discover it"s just the crucial great! will certainly buy new batteries today and see if the works. I am guessing that when i gained the error in the summer i may have actually switched the end the battery from key fob #2 right into this one.
Also the clean you walk restored better connectivity in between the battery and also the circuit board in the remote.C.B.

Also the cleaning you did restored much better connectivity in between the battery and also the circuit board in the remote.C.B.

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Oh, what a tangled internet we weave, when first we practice to deceive.
Never mind!!! Must have been a 83 Year Old"s senior moment!C.B.
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