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I found an old Riverside arms Co solitary shot break action 12 gauge in mine dads gun closet. It has a 32" barrel and also exposed hammer. Other than the name and also "12 gauge" stamp, there room no other markings.As I know it, this is the "budget" line of Stevens shotguns. Have the right to anyone help me determine this particular model? The hammer/trigger assembly seems to be in working order, yet is it for sure to shoot v today"s loads? Is there any type of value come this gun? I want to hack of much of the barrel, and also cutoff the buttstock and reshape the pistol grip climate refinish it into a coach gun of sorts, but not if it has actually value. Any aid would be great.

Butcher task coming up!If that doesn"t have sufficient sentimental worth to keep it together is, market it to part black powder trap shooter who will be thankful that it was no destroyed.Still have actually a couple of these kind guns from back in the day the wife and I supplied to whip up on the guys shooting SXS guns.

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there is no collector worth for this pistol ,but below in Indiana those old shot guns lug 100.00 or an ext at gunshops and much more if in one auction.please carry out not destroy a perfectly good gun,buy some shells and go hunting.that old pistol is perfectly safe with any 2 3/4" load if it locks solidly right into battery
The name RIVERSIDE eight CO was provided by the Stevens arms & Tool company (along v the surname SPRINGFIELD) on their reduced priced shotguns. The weapons were mechanically similar to the higher priced firearms with the Stevens name on them yet less fine finished and also they had actually hardwood stocks (birch or beech wood) stained to look like walnut quite than having genuine walnut stocks. Couple of comments. 32 inch barrels room not too usual if the is reduced off, it can never be placed back. The name was introduced in 1915 and also I"m no sure how long it was in use but up till at the very least 1940. The gun have the right to be chambered for 2 1/2 or 2 9/16 or 2 3/4 customs shells (only a gunsmith have the right to determine which) and also depending top top its age designed and made to usage low push smokeless powder and also lead shot. The was not designed to be fired v 3 inch or magnum shells loaded v high push smokeless powder, stole shot or heavy slugs. I take into consideration a coach gun to be a double barrel in 12 gauge through barrels to reduce to less than 20 inches. A short barrel solitary is a home defense gun. Again, as soon as anything is reduced off, that can"t be placed back. If girlfriend really desire to recognize when the gun was made. You"ll have to ask the Stevens Historian. His surname and address is:Mr.John CallahanArms HistorianP.O. Box 82Southampton, MA 01073He dues a $20.00 per gun research fee.