Guess who simply crafted 540 love potions to check out everyone’s 100fp dialogue?


Tier 2: Uncommon

Tier 1 + Bado, Illuminata, Volkanon, Porcoline, Venti.

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Tier 4: anything GOES!

A little of everything. Use at your own risk.


Hello anon! So, that relies a many on your progression at the game. I’ve created down few of the means I’ve make money during my gameplay, i hope it’s not as well confusing!

(Long guide ahead for I’m a large nerd)

•At the beginning of the game, you deserve to make lots of money just by taming woolies and also selling the Furthey drop everyday. You have the right to clip them and also get even more fur.

A large ball of hair sells because that 1,400g in ~ level 10, which have the right to be completed by making your woolie happy by brushing them and also giving castle items. After they reach lv. 10 you deserve to stop law those things, the level won’t drop in ~ all.

For instance, currently I have actually 8 woolies, and got a total of 24,080g just with their hair in just one day. The complete value I’ve made in two in-game-years is 2,146,970g just from selling fur (L). Yet that’s a luxury I can afford only due to the fact that I have a many barn space—it’s more important to tame Buffamoos, Cluckadoodles and Hornets, for your milk, eggs and honey!

•After friend tame those three dairy monsters, you deserve to make some money by making Pancakes, a straightforward frying pan recipe of flour, eggs, milk and also honey. They offer for 3,120g in ~ level 1, however at lv. 8 it can go for 6,240g. Market it top top the shop (the one in ~ the home window of your room, you have the right to unlock that via an order) and also the worth gets even higher!

•If you have lots of spare Silver and also gems, do Rings is also a great source that money in ~ the beginning. A sapphire ring sells because that at least 1,000g, and it’s really easy to do. Mining those rocks in ~ the Spring ar on Sercerezo Hills day-to-day will approve you lots of Sapphire and Silver.

•If you already made right into The Floating Empire, you can grab those Elli pipeline lying around and also use them with a medicinal Herb to do Magical Potions. They offer for 2,000g each, it’s really profitable— plus, it help you grind part Chemistry levels.

• All that said, in the end though, the most financially rewarding way to make money is to market Gold Juice— buuuut the takes a many of initiative to unlock this recipe. You’ll need to have actually all the golden Veggies seeds, and additionally complete Eliza’s request of harvest every chop in game to be bonus the recipe.

Gold juice sells for at least 800,000g at level 1. At higher levels, the amount deserve to get even three time higher.

Just so you have an idea: I’ve do a level 3 gold Juice, that sells for 880,000g.Then I placed it on my shop.The uses I obtained were roughly 1,330,086g by wait patiently or gift enthusiastic—which is currently a lot more than the original price.

By recommending the item, one people turned down (the success price of this alternative is hard) yet the next one offered me a lining 1,977,558g.

That’s a substantial profit (more than 100%) compared to what you’d gain from just shipping that on the to buy bin. Therefore I carry out think the pays off to do a many gold juice and sell them every on festivals days, once a many of civilization gather about the city square.

•But to be fair, it took me a while till I got the gold Juice recipe, therefore I’ve made most of mine fortune by selling lots and LOTS the high leveled Boiled Gyoza, relax Tea and level 10Pineapple Juice,using the same method of marketing it ~ above festivals. In situation you don’t have any of this recipes, i recommend girlfriend to check out more. The pineapple juice recipe is found only at a chest in Rune Prana for instance. You’ll likewise need a high cooking skill to make them all!

• Oh, btw, to get a level 10 cooking recipes result, you’ll have to use lv. 10 ingredients. V pineapple juice is easy, you’ll just need one level 10 pineapple. But in recipes that usage ingredients favor flour or rice (that room lv. 1 by default) that pays off to usage fillers, prefer a lv. 10 turnip, to apologize or any type of other cheap lv. 10 crop. Due to the fact that it increases the level of the result, to a 8 lv. Tops. Am i making any sense?

Basically, the greater the level of your ingredients, the greater the level of your recipe! Thus, the much more money you’ll make the end of it!

•Another tip: If you’re also impatient to offer in the shop because of those indecisive clients that won’t come closer, you can tame one Elefun or a Mamooth, and use its ability of suck in enemies (that sound awful) to lug your client closer to the shop! It’s a tiny tricky to get the cave of it, however I perform think it’s precious it.


• Some various other random tips:

—Never buy from the stores equipment, dishes, medication or something you have the right to craft. It’s overpriced and also it pays off to find for the materials and also do the yourself! (In various other words, be a cheap-ass.)

—Always save before going to dungeons or whatever. If girlfriend feel choose you can’t take those monsters, escape the hell out of it! however if you die and also you didn’t happen to discover nothing too lot rare, reset and also do the again. All in an initiative to prevent passing out and losing part of your savings to Jones.

—Also, if you have someone in her party at the time you passes out, Jones will certainly charge you half of the price— so constantly bring someone through you. Margaret and also Dolce are valuable too because that they cure you as soon as your wellness gets dangerously low!

—If you find any type of Sword and also Shield seeds, I carry out recommend planting them. At very first I didn’t, due to the fact that I never acquired a solid weapon, but turns out the stats that the plant space random. It have the right to mimic any type of weapon in game, which is great. I planted one knife that got the stats of a spirit Eater (atk +3720m.atk +1500, drain 5%), and one Shield that matched the stats that an aspect Shield. It to be pretty handful at that point of the game! Plus, girlfriend can constantly sell those one that don’t revolve out good, because that a good 1,000g each, for this reason win-win! Though, unlike the other plants in game, ns recommend girlfriend to store those seeds at level 1, because that you can better those tools than through your own an option of items at the forge.

I hope that helps! great luck getting rich and also remember to have fun! ^-^

edit: I’d like to add how, after I’ve made a great amount that money, i went overboard and also maxed mine in-game gold.

Step 1: Wait it spins the flower shop is top top sale. Buy Emery Flowers.

Step 2: Wait it spins the basic store is top top sale. Buy gold Veggies (potato, cabbage, turnip, pumpkin) It’s precious noting you deserve to only to buy Emery Flower and gold Veggies after you have actually sold at the very least one.

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Step 3: Juice castle all right into Gold Juice. Offer them at the shop for profit. Rinse and also repeat till desired.

While that does price a most gold to buy those yellow stuff instead of growing them on her own, it conserves a lot of time, and also the profit pays off. Therefore if you want to gain rich fast (assuming you have some yellow to begin with), this is the way!