Free Willy(1993)
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Label:Epic SoundtraxLabel number:EK 57280
Running time:59m25sShipping date:July 13th, 1993
Original score by Basil PoledourisProduct availabilityClick complimentary Willy soundtrack CD for more info indigenous The MovieMusic Store.

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Album Tracklist
1.Will friend Be over there - Michael Jackson<5:54>
2.Keep ~ above Smilin" - brand-new Kids on The Block<4:35>
3.Didn"t median To Hurt friend - 3T<5:47>
4.Right right here - SWV<3:50>
info: person Nature remix
5.How can You leaving Me now - Funky Poets<5:44>
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Soundtrack Q & A
Q:Will someone please please you re welcome let me recognize what the quote "Sa la na, a yuum, iasis" way from the totally free Willy movies? in ~ least give me a resource to shot to uncover out lol! say thanks to you...from Daniellein Florida, USA(answer Danielle"s question)
Q:Who created the choral segment in ~ the beginning of "Will You be There"? Thanks....from Katherinein Philadelphia, PA(answer Katherine"s question)
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