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Looking for a cheap flight? 25% of ours users found flights top top this path for $110 or less one-way and also $129 or less round-trip.Morning leave is approximately 733% an ext expensive 보다 an night flight, on average*.*Average that the shortest prices shown in’s search outcomes for departures within the next 30 days
Which airlines have a versatile cancellation plan for flights native Salt Lake City to Cedar City because of COVID-19?
Delta has actually waived its adjust and cancellation fees on flights native Salt Lake City to Cedar City. Confirm policy on booking site.

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How long does a flight from Salt Lake City come Cedar City take?
Direct flights cover the 221 miles separating Salt Lake City to Cedar City in about 0h 49m.

How plenty of flights are there in between Salt Lake City and also Cedar City?
3 straight flights run between Salt Lake City and also Cedar City top top a daily basis. On average, over there are about 21 departures every week.

Do I require a passport to fly in between Salt Lake City and Cedar City?
Salt Lake City and also Cedar City are both served by 1 key airport. You will leave Salt Lake City native Salt Lake City and will be showing up at Cedar City.

How does discover such short prices top top flights indigenous Salt Lake City come Cedar City? is a take trip search engine. That means we look across the net to find the best prices we can find for our users. V over 2 billion trip queries handle yearly, we space able to screen a range of price and options on flights indigenous Salt Lake City to Cedar City.

How walk's trip Price estimate tool aid me pick the right time come buy my flight ticket from Salt Lake City come Cedar City?’s trip Price projection tool uses historical data to recognize whether the price because that a flight to Cedar City native Salt Lake City is most likely to adjust within 7 days, therefore travelers recognize whether to wait or publication now.

What is the Hacker Fare choice on flights from Salt Lake City come Cedar City?
Hacker Fares allow you to combine one-way tickets in stimulate to save you money over a traditional round-trip ticket. You could then paris to Cedar City v an airline and earlier to Salt Lake City with another airline.

What is's "flexible dates" feature and why must I treatment when searching for a flight from Salt Lake City to Cedar City?
Sometimes travel dates aren"t set in stone. If your preferred travel dates have some wiggle room, flexible days will display you every the alternatives when paris to Cedar City indigenous Salt Lake City as much as 3 work before/after your wanted dates. You deserve to then pick the flights that suit friend best.

Pros: Absolutely ridiculous ... Sat on the runway much longer than the flight.Cons: factor we sat on the runway much longer than the trip is they were understaffed. Unacceptable.

Cons: much better snacks

Pros: thanks for choosing customer safety and security over profits. Ns specifically determined Delta due to the fact that they continue to not offer the middle seats.

Pros: Empty middle seat; disinfectant wipes. I know these actions were implemented due to the fact that of COVID but I wouldn’t mind having these last past the pandemic!

Pros: friendly cabin staff and also one of the most enjoyable addresses through a captain I've ever before heard (and checked out - he was the end in the very first class area as soon as he invited us).Cons: Nothing

Pros: great everything!

Pros: very attentive and also engaging crew.Cons: really nothing!

Pros: The crew was great. The trip was on time.

Cons: No sandwiches for sale just snack boxes

Pros: seat comfortCons: the majority of turbulence. Listed videos/entertainment without providing headphones

Cons: us left Salt Lake City so late that i missed all my train connections and ruined my plans.

Pros: an excellent crew, snacks, comfortable flight.

Pros: Inflight entertainment to be the ideal I’ve seen in coach. Free games, movies, moving map, etc.Cons: The seating is also cramped. It has actually just gone previous what is reasonable. Seems too tight on both the knees and elbow room.

Cons: there was huge issues through our original aircraft and the lady in ~ the workdesk was terrible with interaction to every the passengers waiting for the flight updates. The one time I finally asked she if there was any kind of updates, after practically 1.5 hours of hold-up and waiting, she take it a really rude and snappy tone.

Pros: entertainment on short flights is a quite surpriseCons: an extremely very late.. I practically lost my instead of of the instead of of mine connection. Had actually to run choose hell. The luggage didn't do it. To summarize the day, wake up up too early, acquired to my location hours late and got the luggage in the middle of the night.

Cons: trip was delayed. The aircraft was not stocked with the food prior to scheduled departure. It shows up as though our aircraft had landing at 7:30 am and our leave was scheduled for 9:30am. Ns am struggling to recognize why in two hrs the aircraft could not be stocked v food.

Pros: N/ACons: plane was old, entertainment system wasn't stable and also had come reboot numerous times. No usb outlets to charge. Wifi to be spotty i m sorry is hard to it is in acceptable when your room paying because that it.

Cons: Crew did no make passenger in former of me bring his seat back up for landing.

Pros: Not really crowdedCons: Nothing

Pros: The plane and flight was fine, as was the crew on board. The crew within the Salt Lake airport can have been better. Not sure if it to be the gentlemans very first time but in its entirety he and also the woman working the boarding were really slow and could have actually been much more efficient. We boarded late (may be the end of your control) yet when we began boarding there to be too much wasted time in between calling increase the military/people with much longer boarding needs/wheelchairs etc. Castle waited till they were totally boarded and resolved prior come calling the next group then invested time fiddling with the authorize that splits the boarding lanes etc. Just showed up that there to be no sense of efficiency. Polite civilization though.

Pros: plenty of room and also friendly service was refreshing for such a long flight

Pros: Nice aircraft and comfy seatsCons: The stewards were not at all helpful or as friendly as most of the delta staff! i was therefore disappointed with their service. We had actually TWO delays making united state arrive in sat AT almost 2 am. Therefore there were a lot of empty seats. Us asked if we or also one that us might move right into the …at least three empty rows…and they would certainly not let us as they were they lull plus section and it expense more…NO ONE WAS making use of THESE SEATS!! for this reason they let the passengers be crammed with each other in the rest of the aircraft and left plenty of empty seats that could have been used! that was simply rude. They also served drinks and never checked ago to choose up the garbage. No tell us to progressive our seats or put up ours table trays prior to landing. So, as I exited the airplane I handed them my garbage! i wasn’t going to it is in rude and leave the in the seat pocket or my seat …where I discovered crumbs of food on once I boarded the plane. To be just an extremely dissatisfied v this crew!! I have actually been paris a lot lately using delta. I’ve had actually some delays yet they’ve always been accommodating, this crew was not! What a shame!

Pros: economic situation Comfort, fantastic in-flight to chat (Movies)Cons: Food was rather marginal (really no surprise, it's airplane food), tried unsuccessfully to hook-up come in-flight Wifi (couldn't get it to work throughout the flight)

Cons: This was my many uncomfortable trip ever. I am 94 year old and the seat was so cramped and little that the entire 3 hours were uncomfortable.

Cons: Seats have actually no leg room!!!

Pros: pretty plane, comfortable accommodations, an excellent crew.Cons: There was anything ns didn’t like about the flight, everything was great!

Pros: Crew members were very nice and also pilot did a great job paris thru turbulenceCons: i don't have any type of compliants

Cons: They stated it to be late due to the fact that of a tire problem that was fixed in Salt Lake bring about a late exit on a round pilgrimage SLC-Burbank. That arrived earlier to Salt Lake late bring about the Dallas flight to leaving late. I gained a post at 6:24 pm regarding the late leave for the 8:15 pm trip to Dallas. Castle knew this info hrs before. That should have actually been communicated sooner

Pros: drink carts came approximately twiceCons: even though there to be sunchips available, they to be not giving them the end to everyone. Only the world that paid up in coach got the sun chips. The remainder of us acquired these sad bag that pretzels and also cheesey snacks. So sad. Why wouldn't Delta sell the same snacks come everyone? Seems choose such a little additional cost contrasted to such an offensive action. The money you conserve is absolutely lost in bad publicity.

Cons: The airline booked united state on 2 flights from SLC come BWI. Unfortunately, our seat on our original link were exit so as soon as we landed on our door our only option to be to split up and also take middle seats - even though we had paid end $100 ea. For upgrades. Delta available nothing because that this. Among the trip attendants remained in a damaging mood - she to be cold and also rude and also would not also look at passengers - i m sorry her fellow crewmates noticed and tried come compensate for.

Cons: Crew to be pretty short with everyone and also not Delta’s best - not sure what the story was. Door staff were enabling people to reduced queue lines left and right - why even have the zones lined up if no going to enforce?

Cons: Your company has the worst customer company ever! You damaged our family vacation and just have actually horrible plans I can’t think it! Will never ever purchase noþeles off your website again! you suck!

Pros: no one woke me upCons: NA

Pros: together always, the crew and amenities were very first rate.Cons: we were at first told that our flight would arrive early. Then us sat ~ above the tarmac for a half hour before anyone might be bothered to tell us we were wait for the plane to it is in de-iced.

Pros: SLC ground gate crew to be awesome.

Pros: staff was friendlyCons: aircraft was tiny

Pros: great Detroit crew

Pros: great service all around

Pros: trip went well and also was smooth.

Pros: good drinks and also movie selection

Pros: Crew was an extremely friendly and also gave an excellent service.Cons: Legroom to be poor, im 6' tall and my knees were rubbing the chair in front. Flight was full so no alternate.

Pros: complimentary movies helped make the flight go faster. Additionally when possible my girlfriend and also I were seated together despite having seats assigned in ~ the gate.Cons: gift in ar three meant checking bags top top every flight. That's a side effect of choose the cheapest ticket so no really Delta's fault yet it says that I need to put other here.

Cons: It was so late ns missed my link to sunlight valley flight. There to be not another flight for 8 hrs!!! i think the sun valley flight should have waited because that us. It to be a issue of 10-15 min. Crew go not try to board civilization quickly to obtain us the end of san Diego. 5 much more minutes might have make a difference.

Pros: Our airplane had mechanical concern with a parking brake which castle left us know around once us loaded the plane. Regrettably it to be going to take it to lengthy so lock switched united state to an additional plane.Cons: airline in basic need come enforce the bring on luggage rules. If that doesn't enhance the dimensions for the bring on specks then do the people examine it. Don't let it go. If i paid for a seat and also I'm enabled two carry ons then there have to be room for them. Don't ask world to inspect bags due to the fact that of a full plane. The crew should have there own location to keep their belongings, not where the passenger do and take your space. The life rafts have to be straightforward to get to but again need to take increase a clues a passenger has paid for your luggage come go. If the is the only space for these items climate don't enable passengers to lug two items if in those seats or top top the totality plane. It's yes, really disappointing when your told you may have to check your bag due to the fact that there's not enough room.

Pros: Delta trip attendants at some point removing the passenger.Cons: The guy that referred to as the mother and her boy a "F***** b****".

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Pros: fast trip and relaxing --- no high method traffic issues, accidents or building hold ups.Cons: there wasn't anything ns did not like.