(spoilers because that both The End and Why is This Night various From All other Nights? (of every the dorn Questions).)

i hope this makes sense

to begin off, i think the pretty clear the the good Unknown is the Bombinating Beast. That’s like, pretty much confirmed.

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so, as soon as the Baudelaires are talking to Kit in The End around what had happened come the Quagmires, Hector, and also the Widdershins, she mentions she controlled to escape the an excellent Unknown however the others were either eliminated or rescued by it.


maybe this is simply me not wanting everyone to dice lol, however I believe it’s the latter.

and there’s an ext behind that concept than simply me wanting them to survive.

at the end of witndfaon, the Bombinating Beast is summoned and when it arrives at the train, it shows up to wait, as if it want something to it is in done. Once Snicket pushed Hangfire into its mouth and also Snicket told it come leave, it appeared content to perform what the caller (Snicket) said and leave.


this might just be the it to be hungry because that humans, yet wouldn’t it have actually just eaten human being on that own? why wait for someone to feeding it?

now, this could be for two reasons:

1. It deserve to tell the difference in between a noble person and also an evil person, so it want to eat Hangfire and also rid the from the world.

2. It was dubbed for a reason and also it knew it. It was dubbed to avoid the evilness the was happening on the train and in Stain’d, and also the best means to carry out that was by getting rid of Hangfire.

so if 1. Is the case, and it knows the difference between a important noble person and also a villain, possibly it aided the Quagmires, Widdershins, and also Hector, due to the fact that it knew they to be noble human being (well, many of them—I suppose Fiona and also Fernald (particularly Fernald) are iffy).

if 2. Is the case, and if someone called it, then it most likely would help the group, assuming the human being who called it was noble. If it wasn’t called and also it was simply hangin’ roughly the sea, bombinatin’ around, climate it quiet seems likely it wouldn’t death the group. The Beast is, yes, a great mystery, but it seems to understand what that doing and it wouldn’t simply go approximately eating the world it sees.

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I don’t specifically know in what means it aided them (most most likely by conserving them native the storm or whatever and also getting castle to dry land safely). What claimed dry land might be, I have no idea. Maybe the seaside shelf that the island—everything washes up over there at one point or another.