Bessie Lechina didn’t think she could end up being an Adventist.

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By Andrew McChesney,

Bessie Lechina couldn’t know why the Seventh-day Adventist church always seemed closed as soon as she walked previous on Sunday, in search of a brand-new place come worship.

Frustrated, she finally stopped and also spoke to teenage girl standing in the yard of a residence beside the church in Selebi-Phikwe, Botswana.

“When walk this church open?” she asked. “Is it always locked?”

“It’s one Adventist church,” the girl replied. “But ns don’t understand if you can ever control worshipping there. Gift Adventist is difficult.”

“What perform you mean?” Bessie said.

The girl, a Sunday-keeper, defined that the worshippers didn’t wear makeup or jewelry.

“And they prefer going to church on Saturday,” she said.

In Botswana, Saturday is the day that young world go come parties.

Bessie couldn’t imagine quitting parties and also throwing away her earrings.

“With this church, i wouldn’t manage!” she said.

Bessie flourished up in a non-Christian family and heard nothing around God throughout her years in class school and high school. She decided, however, the she want to become a Christian during a months-long break between high college graduation and the begin of university classes. She want to go to church since she knew nothing about church. She had actually only seen human being worship ~ above Sunday, for this reason she saw Sunday churches.

Off come the University

In the fall, Bessie relocated to Botswana’s capital, Gaborone, to study at university of Botswana. She roommate to be a Seventh-day Adventist.

Bessie observed her roommate, Solofelang, leave for church every Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, yet she didn’t pay much attention. Instead she went to parties and also lived a sinful lifestyle. She also renewed her find for a church and also visited a new church every Sunday.

“I really want to walk to church. Ns felt the I needed a church,” she claimed in one interview. “But every time i came ago from those churches, i felt empty. I felt that ns hadn’t learned anything. Some churches didn’t use the Bible an extremely much.”

After several months, Bessie asked her roommate, “What is this church that you go to every Saturday?”

“It’s an Adventist church,” Solofelang said. “It worships top top Saturday.”

Bessie looked at her roommate closely and also realized that she had actually never seen her in assembly or jewelry. Climate she psychic the conversation through the girl in she hometown. She thought, “This should be the exact same church the the girl was talk about. Ns wouldn’t manage.”

She finished the conversation. She didn’t desire to walk to the church.

Read around Bessie’s 6-year-old daughter, Joanna

A readjust of Heart

After a while, though, she grew exhausted of going roughly to the Sunday churches and also began come wonder even if it is the Adventist Church might be the appropriate one. She chose to visit one time — just not on Saturday.

She claimed to she roommate, “I don’t desire to walk to church with you top top Saturday. I want to go with you ~ above Wednesday.”

“Let’s go!” Solofelang replied.

On Wednesday, Bessie went through Solofelang come a college classroom whereby Adventists student gathered because that their praise services. She appreciated herself and also was impressed v the pastor’s presentation. He spoke about marriage and family, and also Bessie was eager to obtain married and have a family members one day.

Learning the the exact same topic would certainly be disputed on Friday evening, Bessie told her roommate, “Wait because that me. Don’t leave me.”

She enjoyed the regime again.

On Sabbath morning, she dressed up and went with Solofelang come church.

“I enjoyed the entirety Sabbath,” she said. “I never ever went ago to mine room. Ns ate lunch quickly and returned because that a scriptures study. Ever because that day, I have never stopped going to the Adventist Church.”

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Bessie Lechina says God brings human being through every trial as soon as they to trust in Him. (Andrew McChesney / Adventist Mission)

A new Life

Bessie’s life began to change drastically. She discovered it basic to provide up makeup, jewelry, and also Saturday parties. She became a virtuous woman. She learned the she can talk come God with prayer.

“All this has made me a new person,” she said. “Otherwise, probably I would certainly be dead by now. I understand that God forgives, God is love, and also I want to live a Christian life.”

Bessie was baptized before the end of the school year. She roommate wept together she arised from the water.

“She was very happy,” Bessie said. “As mine roommate, she knew mine life.”

People to be shocked once they saw the changes. Bessie to be a brand-new person, and also they asked many questions. She gladly said them about her faith.

Today, Bessie is the 35-year-old mommy of three and a teacher in ~ Eastern gate Academy, an Adventist boarding high college in north Botswana. She husband is the school’s company manager.

She has seen transforms in the lives of her students — just like the change that she experienced in her own life.

“Sometimes parents lug us rebellious children,” she said. “But once the college student leaves, the is a various child altogether. Parents tell us, ‘Thank you very much! ours child has actually changed.’”

Life isn’t constantly easy. Yet when trials come, Bessie remembers she old life and trusts that God will carry her through.

“I call myself, ‘Hold on. Where I come from was no easy. God traction me out of the mud, and I require to continue standing v faith and also trust. Shortly these trials will certainly be over,’” she said.

Eastern gate Academy share a campus through the new Eastern Gate primary School, a Thirteenth Sabbath-funded project that opened in January 2017.Thank girlfriend for her mission offerings the made the school possible. Bessie, who 6-year-old daughter, Joanna, research studies at the school, said, “I pray that the new school will certainly bring more children come God.”

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