When you consider smart TVs, lock come through multiples OSes favor Android TV OS, Tizen OS, Roku OS, and also more. Even some smart TVs offer multiple OS TVs prefer Sharp Android TV and Sharp Roku TV. Having actually two OSes have their own advantages. However for various OS, you will certainly have various UI, different application stores, various controls, and more. Likewise, there are various ways to rotate on spicy Smart TV there is no a remote.

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Almost all the smart TVs are equipped with physical buttons because that an emergency turn-off and turn on. Here, we detailed various ways to rotate on spicy TV without using the remote. If you lost your TV remote or the remote dried up, you might use this as a temporary fix.

How to revolve On sharp Smart TV without Remote

<1> on the front side or backside of your Sharp clever TV, you can see four to five physical buttons.

<2> this buttons serve different purposes like turn on/off her Sharp clever TV, volume controls, intake selection, and other options.

<3> discover the Power button from those buttons. The Power will certainly be placed either first or the last.


<4> By pushing the power button, you deserve to turn on her Sharp clever TV there is no the use of the remote.

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Alternative technique to turn on spicy Smart TV without Remote

To revolve on your Sharp smart TV, girlfriend can make use of the smartphone app. But, you need to collection up the application beforehand once the TV was on.

<1> from the Play save or application Store, download the Android TV remote Control app.


<2> Under the very same Wi-Fi connection, attach your spicy TV and smartphone.

<3> open the Android TV far Control app and also select your tv.

<4> enter the pin on your smartphone that displays on the TV screen.

<5> Now, click on the Pair button.

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<6> after the pairing, friend can manage your sharp Smart TV without the remote.

In instance if your Sharp TV remote fails or it gained lost, you deserve to use any type of one of these approaches to turn off or rotate on your TV. When you lost the TV remote, to buy a new remote as soon as you can. Over consumption of the physics buttons may damage them. If girlfriend have problems with her Sharp clever TV, let us know in the comment section.

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