What airline has actually the shortest flight(s) between the US and Japan? i am looking to publication for the finish of in march 2016 with April 2016. I am beginning in south Florida, however usually Florida isn't the finest hub for take trip so i am details that ns will have to fly out of another significant city to gain a much shorter flight time. Also, which airline has the nicest first/ business class flights to Japan.

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Hi, i think your ideal bet is Japan airline or 5 star ANA http://www.airlinequality.com/ratings/ana-all-nippon-airways-star-rating/

They companion with AA and also United so link from any city is not a problem.

United possibly ok in business too, BTW they might remove international an initial class completely soon.

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Best deals in first/ company class are usually done via miles, if friend don't have enough you can buy miles from airline or dozen of partner airlines. 

There are so numerous combinations and also nuances therefore I imply to usage experts assist to conserve time and also money at http://www.flystein.com/


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DariaInteresting, ns am planing a expedition from SFO... ANA has actually Dreamliners!
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Brew from Manhattan Beach

The vast majority of flights are going come come with LAX, but I know American paris to Tokyo through Dallas and also the most random of all is Vietnam airlines that walk Tokyo to Atlanta. I can't discuss Vietnam airlines quality, however that would be the quickest to south Florida because that sure. LA has actually the most flights and also choices for the Japan route, by far.

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BrettThat is actually a Delta flight from Atlanta come Tokyo. Vietnam Airlines simply codeshares top top it.If you're living in southern Florida, then Chicago is a kind connecting point out on American, Japan Airlines, United, or ANA. Atlanta is great on Delta as well. If girlfriend look at the an excellent circle routes aircraft take, then those two are the most direct. Http://www.gcmap.com/mapui?P=mia-ord-nrt,+mia-atl-nrt,+mia-nrt
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