Daddy long legs, an ext accurately called Harvestmen, space a group of arachnids that look a lot favor spiders. Despite the similarity in appearance, Harvestmen in reality aren’t closely related come spiders. Urban legends urge that daddy lengthy legs space the most venomous pets in the human being (often explain they’re the many venomous spider in the world.) This led many to think that they’re rather dangerous, and also that they should be avoided or killed. In this article we’ll lastly answer the question, room daddy long legs dangerous?

Are daddy long legs dangerous?

No, daddy lengthy legs are not dangerous. The legend goes that they’re the many venomous pet in the world, yet they’re fangs space too small to pierce human being skin. In fact, Harvestmen are not even venomous. They death their food through totally other means, and the structures close to their mouths the resemble fangs space actually little grasping claws. Some types don’t also hunt live prey, feeding largely on carrion instead.

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Are daddy lengthy legs venomous?

No, daddy lengthy legs are not venomous. Countless of them are not also carnivorous, feeding instead on plant matter or carrion. Also the types of daddy lengthy legs that perform hunt are not venomous, and instead usage their tiny grasping claws to grab their prey, crushing and tearing to death it. Some species even crush their prey with their bodies.

Are daddy long legs poisonous?

No, daddy long legs are not poisonous, either. Many types do emit foul smelling and also foul tasting chemicals once they feel intimidated in the hopes of repelling predators. This chemicals are particularly off-putting to numerous spiders, yet they’re harmless to humans. In fact, unless you shot to eat one, you won’t even notification these chemicals.

Can daddy lengthy legs bite?

They can bite, but if one were to bite friend you most likely wouldn’t also feel it. Your chelicerae, the claw-like mouth parts, can definitely pinch. They’re an extremely small, however, and also while they can do a lot of damages to the Harvestmen’s predators, a human wouldn’t even an alert them. Most of castle wouldn’t even shot this, together biting is not one of their primary defense mechanisms. They like to run and hide once they feel threatened.

source: USGS bee Inventory and also Monitoring Lab

Are grandaddy lengthy legs and daddy lengthy legs the same?

Yes, they’re the same. However, both of this names are also used for crane flies and also cellar spiders, which have the right to often cause confusion. Harvestmen is a an ext accurate term because that these arachnids. Most human being are introduce to harvestmen as soon as they say daddy lengthy legs or granddaddy long legs, but due to the fact that there room at least two other species that space often referred to as by this names it’s useful to recognize the genuine names of every three.

Are Daddy lengthy Legs spiders or insects?

Neither. Harvestmen are arachnids, favor spiders, however their they very own group. Much like scorpions, mites, ticks, and solifuges. This way they have actually eight legs and two body segments, unlike insects which have six legs and three body segments. They’re the only arachnids that deserve to eat solid food; all various other arachnids have the right to only eat liquids, which means that spiders and scorpions must an initial liquify your food prior to they eat.

Should I kill daddy lengthy legs, or simply leave lock alone?

There’s no reason to death them. Harvestmen aren’t dangerous at all, and some that them aid control the populaces of family pests. Also if castle aren’t hunting, their diet often consists of rotting vegetation, fungi, and other detritus that you don’t desire to have around. They may look creepy, however they’re important harmless.

Are Daddy long Legs beneficial?

Yes, castle are. If you garden, aphids are among their favourite foods, therefore they could add to healthier plants in your garden. They eat various other pests, too, and they eat points such together dead insects and also bird droppings. Having harvestmen around can usually lead to a better, cleaner atmosphere for you and also your family.

Are Daddy long Legs great for your garden?

Yes, an extremely much so. Aphids can reason a lot of of damage to your garden, and also they’re among the favorite prey items because that harvestmen. They can safeguard your garden from dangerous infestations the plant-eating insects, and also since they’re harmless to humans, they’re one of the best animals to have actually around.


Daddy lengthy legs, or harvestmen, have an undeserved reputation as extremely venomous spiders. Not just are they no spiders at all, yet they aren’t venomous. These small arachnids are one of the few arachnids that don’t pose any type of danger at all to humans. Many others (spiders, scorpions, ticks, etc) deserve to at least hurt you, and many space downright lethal.

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So currently when us revisit the concern “are daddy long legs dangerous” you recognize that no only have the right to they no bite you, yet they don’t have venom or poison favor some metropolitan legends suggest. They’re completely harmless, and since lock eat insect pests they’re actually beneficial to have around. Following time you see one, just leave the alone. If it’s in the house, be nice and also let it ago outside.