when planting crops on Cletus"s Farm, you have actually the option to tree Triffids. The game says the you space rewarded with "End the Humanity". I planted these to see what would certainly happen, yet when they to be finished and also harvested, nothing happened.

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Do you need to be at a specific point in the story or have world on your friends list for something to happen, or is this just a joke that returns money and also XP favor the various other plants?



I found this forum post.

Triffids space a referral to Triffids indigenous The day of the Triffids and an ext info have the right to be uncovered here. That sounds like an finish of the civilization kind that book.

But otherwise all they give are 1200 XP and also no money. They perform not finish your game or reset anything.


as soon as I planted lock they were fine but then the following time I checked out log in the reset mine game and I had to start anywhere again

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