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thanks to an additional person registerd on this website i have the right to tell you the map pieces area marked with flower top top map, 2.mushroom and skeleton area,3.door over bridge with skull and crossbones, 4. Dressmaker lady and 5. Doctor.

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Besides detect items about the island there is part other methods to gain them. When diving in the water you can find shells, urchins, starfish etc. Most of this is provided for do clothing. Every morning a crate will pertained to shore come the ideal of her home. If a breifcase appears then friend will gain a item of clothing. As soon as you end up making the SOS authorize on the beach, friend will get a box on a parachute. These items are an ext for make objects.

Turn the sound on on your ds. Wait until night turns right into day again and also listen for a little strumming sound. If you hear it, that method the paracute will certainly be ~ above the beach. If friend don"t listen it, wait an additional day. In mine experience, the parachute come every 3-4 days. Remember, if girlfriend don"t hear the sound, the parachute won"t be there!

OK, ns was grounding on 99% and only necessary 4 clothing-items (which come through the suitcase, ~ above the place where you stranded the first time). I played for hrs on end, yet the suitcase never ever came (only the crate, or various other items prefer sticks or leafs ns didn"t need!).

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Here"s how I eventually got what i wanted:1 - very first thing: play around until your power is rather low and go come sleep in your shelter. Save your game.2 - wake up up and walk come the coast (1 click to the right). There must be an item or a crate now. No Go back to 1.3 - If the article you require IS there (on the beach, in the crate or in the suitcase...): play on! If you need something else badly, you deserve to go ago to 1. (don"t forget come Save!).4 - The items you need isn"t there: press the "Start" button on her NDS and also select "Quit" and also "Yes".5 - select "Load game" and then select the video game you previously saved. Go earlier to 2.The item girlfriend get, appears to be given at arbitrarily by the game. Therefore you may need come repeat the steps above a the majority of times. Ns noticed the the suitcase come every 10 come 20 times! I invested an hour, obtaining the 4 items ns needed, yet now at least I have 100%!Maybe this trick likewise works with the parachute, but I have not do the efforts that...