In Sims 2, you already know the mysterious secrets of aliens, vampires, plant Sims and more. Currently is the moment to create a werewolf, either by play the normal means (hard) or the cheat way (easier).

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The common Way

Look approximately your home at night to see if you have the right to spot a dog through bright yellow eyes (this would be a wolf). If friend can"t discover one, put a key filled v dog food or something that would entice the dog to your house. Make friends v the dog. This might take a while since the dog will leave and also then come back again. Wait to be bitten. Eventually, as soon as you"re an extremely close come the wolf, it will bite you. This will cause you to become a werewolf Sim.

Using a Cheat in neighborhood Mode

go into ar mode. Hit Ctrl, shift and C ~ above your key-board at the very same time. Get in the following cheat in the bar the pops up: boolProp testingcheatsenabled true. Click on any type of lot to play it. Go into the house. Shift + click the mailbox and also find "Make NPC" on the first page. A food selection will appear. Click "more" until you discover "Leader that the Pack". Click the option. Wait a few seconds and also a wolf v glowing eyes should appear. Greet it, then pause your game.Go to your Sim"s relationship panel and find the wolf. It should more than likely be the first option. Traction both the bars approximately 100%. Shift + click the werewolf. Click "Make selectable".The wolf have to now it is in controllable; walk to its connection panel, uncover your Sim and also drag lock both up to 100%. Have actually the sim play through the dog. Once they have met, drag both connection bars increase again. Play through the dog once more until your Sim and the wolf space friends. Wait a few minutes. An action should pop up. If you mouse over it, it need to say "Nibble". Don"t release it. Shift + click on the werewolf and also click "make unselectable". You will certainly be bitten and become a werewolf!

Playing as a Werewolf

acquire out and be a werewolf. If it"s currently nighttime, your Sim will certainly transform instantly. If it isn"t, friend won"t notice any difference until 8PM center time. That"s once your sim transforms. Eliminate the werewolf ability. If you ever want your center to stop being a wolf, just contact the obedience trainer and buy Lycanthropic-B. Or, if you have actually Apartment Life, just have a witch or warlock the your werewolf knows do the potion. Have fun through your brand-new creation.


Having other pets around the residence makes the wolf an ext tempted come visit.Sim werewolves transform at 8PM and go ago to typical Sims in ~ 6am. Castle can"t it is in werewolves throughout the day. Don"t have cats around if you want to lure a wolf.Make sure that you"re bonding with the appropriate dog by trying to find a dark brownish coat v yellow glowing eyes.If friend want an ext than one werewolf, just gain your werewolf center to befriend another Sim, climate click "Savage" or "Attack the the Werewolf". They"ll fight, yet the other Sim come out together a werewolf.The chances of a werewolf comes will rise if you have wooded areas on the lot. If leader of the pack becomes a pet of the household, he will simply be a consistent wolf.

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Not everyone likes using Boolprop. After ~ you"re done, rotate it off by typing the exact same cheat, but instead that "true", write "false". You have the right to make it without the cheat, yet it is lot harder to obtain the wolf onto the lot. If you want to, however, wolves favor wooded areas and also are attractive to toddlers and babies.It won"t occupational unless the wolf is the leader that the pack. You can tell if the is, due to the fact that the leader has glowing yellow eyes.You may need to research methods to cure your Sim.

Things You"ll Need

Sims 2 PCSims 2 Pets computer (Pets expansion)Any Sim who is a teenager or olderYour sim to have actually the understanding aspiration (not vital, yet it go help)

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