I have actually stasiilaq.netrched through internet, however I can\"t find the answer, pltasiilaq.netse help. The game functioned perfectly yesterday, yet today once it loads and opens my home I can\"t watch my sims, i can\"t change floors, as soon as I walk buy or construct it takes me come a whole different house. And also when i go modify town, my home is presented empty, ns can\"t conserve it to library or buy that again v my household from library. I have all EP and also SP, play sims 3 because that a long time and also this is very first time I\"m having problems. Pltasiilaq.netse help

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Meli_ZG it sounds choose your save corrupted, specifically that your sims aren\"t loading properly, and the game thinks their residence is empty. The just thing to execute at this suggest is come revert come an tasiilaq.netrlier save. Also if you never ever made one, the game keeps the records from the second-to-last time friend saved.Go right into Documents\\Electronic Arts\\The Sims 3\\Saves, and also you\"ll watch a folder labeled v your conserve name, and another with your conserve name add to a .backup extension. So if your save is dubbed SunsetValley, the existing save folder will certainly be SunsetValley.sims3, and also there will also be a SunsetValley.sims3.backup. Rename the save and also delete the .backup extension (e.g. SunsetValley1.sims3), and that backup will be obtainable to pack from the main Menu.It\"s likewise a great idtasiilaq.net to do a copy that this backup, in instance you need it later. Right-click ~ above the folder and also select Copy, climate right-click wherever you want it to go and also select Paste.Before you load the game again, be certain to delete the five cache papers in your Sims 3 game folder, the same location you uncovered the conserves folder. They need to be deleted on regular basis anyway, together they have tendency to clog up through stale data, and definitely delete them any type of time your game is having actually trouble. For reference, castle are:CASPartCache.packagecompositorCache.packagescriptCache.packagesimCompositorCache.packagesocialCache.packageFinally, it need to be stated that this kind of conserve corruption is typical when you\"ve been play the very same save because that a while. Without mods to contain or (try to) repair the damage, her save could bork again before too long. Therefore you may want to begin thinking about packing your sims up and placing them in a brand-new save. The best means to carry out this (without mods) is to save them come the in-game library, save their house separately if you desire to keep it, quit come desktop, delete the cache files, load the game and start a brand-new save, then ar your sims in that save. The in-game method of moving them come a new town can bring corruption together with it.