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Vampires have actually been component of our cumulative for numerous years, at the very least in one means or another.

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And considering simply how famous they room nowadays (thanks Twilight) the no surprised they additionally found their means into The Sims 4.

The Vampire video game Pack to be released way back in 2017 which added vampirism, vampire powers, and also a brand-new residential civilization called forget Hollow where these creatures that the dark like to live your “lives”.

It was a huge content update with brand-new aspirations, traits, and also a lot of CAS additions. And yet, world still don’t have actually enough.

New vampire CC is still some of the many requested by players. And modders job-related tirelessly to deliver.

If you’re one of those world that just can’t get enough of the secret bloodsucking creatures, fine then this collection is for you.

17. Vampire sun Immunity


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Do you understand what set vampires from Sims 4 and also Twilight apart?

TS4 vampires wither and also die within secs of being under the sun, when those in Twilight just… sparkle.

Well this mod by creator RevyRei won’t make your vampires sparkle.

But it will make them immune to the sun’s UV rays.

Now your trendy Millenial nosferatu can easily enjoy the beach, picnics in the park, and going to Coachella through the formation without worrying around the reaper visiting them.

16. Vampires – cost-free Perks


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Another somewhat cheaty however useful enhancement to her Sims 4 mod library is this freebie through modder Baibaihe.

As friend probably obtained from the name, this simply makes every vampire perks complimentary so friend won’t must spend any type of points to end up being the best vampire that ever was.

It’s best both because that outright cheating, or simply softening the obstacles of vampirism by acquiring stuff like trained Thirst so you don’t must kill.

Alternatively yes sir a toned-down variation that just makes the perks cheaper, come streamline her vampire’s progression without bald removing it. For this reason it’s not entirely game-breaking that way.

15. Vampires – No Weakness


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And why prevent at making perks free? Why not also remove any type of downsides come vampirism?

Both of these mode are simply meant come let you play approximately freely without problems or limitations.

After all, didn’t her Sim end up being an immortal being to have actually fun?

Or friend can additionally choose to make a Sim through every single weakness, a wretched being full of hatred and also frustration! Why?

I don’t yes, really know.

But what problem is that you can.

14. Slow Thirst Decay


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Have you ever before felt prefer your vampires are a little on the greedy side?

Just a pair of neck sips a week need to be enough to store them going… and yet, they it seems to be ~ to want to drink the whole neighborhood.

With this little tweak by modder Baibaihe her vampire’s thirst motive will decay fifty percent as fast. So friend don’t need to worry around having to danger your life searching in the center of the day.

I median sure, you could make some plasma packs. Yet who desires to hunt that numerous frogs?

13. Turn right into Vampire constantly Succeeds


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Another boy inconvenience that vampire Sims might run into from time to time is wanting to rotate someone right into a vampire and failing in the process.

Especially during the day.

Thanks come this basic tweak by modder Couch, trying come turn an additional Sim into a denizen of the night will never fail. This actually allows you rotate everyone in your town right into your blood-bound slave, if girlfriend desire.

12. Plasma fill from Plasma Fruit


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One that the few ways for a vampire come avoid having to feed off an additional Sim is to do Plasma package by processing frogs or fish into bootleg blood bags.

But isn’t that a little bit unfair in the direction of them?

Prolific creator LittleMsSam certainly thinks so.

Which is why she do this straightforward mod that lets you take it Plasma Fruit and turn it into Plasma Packs quite than eat that directly.

They’re 50% better at quenching your thirst, surpassing also homemade Plasma package made the end of the previously mentioned critters.

This is right for Sims v the an excellent Vampire aspiration.

11. Vampires: avoid Pestering Me!


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One the the an initial things you’ll an alert after installation the Vampires video game Pack and also meeting part bloodsuckers is the they’re very insistent top top trying to consume you at inconvenient times.

They’ll make creepy calls, invite you come sketchy places, and even break right into your house to shot and sucking you dried every various other day.

Long story short, they deserve to be unbearable because that the median sim.

Now thanks to this mod by Vwaryloth you can rest easy knowing vampires can’t attack your home. They’ll additionally stop gift creepy in the direction of you, and Vlad will just leave friend alone.

10. Harvestable love Tree


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I love trees that prosper things the aren’t fruit.

The trees that prosper money in pet Crossing: new Horizons space a element example. And now, so space Vampire love Trees in TS4.

This mode by IceMunMun was supposed to serve as a kind of Valentine’s job celebration for vampires, introducing edible Vampire Hearts the fill their thirst.

And that can also be supplied to cook vampire food given the recipe supplies fruits.

These hearts prosper from a really special tree the you deserve to plant and also nurture yourself, and also it might grow various kinds of heart fruit that not only glows different colors, yet will provide you moodlets choose Flirty or Happy.

It simply adds come the fun, really.

9. Airianna’s Vampire Tweaks


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There room a pair things about vampire gameplay that simply make no sense.

Things like always being the end of vampire energy, and also the truth that several traits regarded hunger or energy do not affect them.

Thanks to these Vampire Tweaks by modder Airianna, Vampires will currently use Dark Meditation to replenish their Vampire energy whenever lock idle.

And part traits choose Hardly Hungry and Never Weary have been modification to impact Thirst and Vampire power in the same means they carry out normal sims.

They’re small changes, okay admit.

But after ~ a couple of hours through this mod you won’t have the ability to go back.

8. Vampire Powers


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Instead of simply installing a mod that cheats your method out of staying clear of the sunlight or having to drink human being blood, think about this immersive alternative by modder LittleMsSam.

The method this mod works is adding a pair of extra powers your vampires deserve to spend their vampire power on, including allowing their winter reflection, preventing uncontrollable hissing, and also becoming immune come sunlight.

These impacts are temporary and also will fade away after seven in-game days. Therefore they’re perfect because that those times once you just wish your sim might attend a particular daylight event.

7. Kilometres Vampire Eyes


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If you’re just looking for a bit more variety in her vampire Sims’ looks, kilometres Vampire eye is something girlfriend can’t pass up.

This mod by creator KittyMeow add to 10 new eye colors and some variations, obtainable for every sims if you’d like, however intended to be used on vampires.

Among the most distinct are a couple that rotate the sclera (the white the the eye) completely black, which create a an excellent contrast through bright iris colors.

6. Vampirify – Vampire development Spell


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In a people where vampires are real, finding out the most you can around them is a matter of life and also death.

And this is something the anyone well-versed in the magical arts must be keenly mindful of.

With this mod by R3M, examining so lot vampire lore will eventually give spellcasters the Vampirify spell. I m sorry not only turns anyone into a vampire, but makes whoever actors the spell right into their master.

All the this regardless of not gift bloodsuckers themselves. Dark, yeah?

As a bonus they’ll also gain a assignment to reverse vampirism and also turn denizens of the night earlier into regular humans, i m sorry is an invaluable skill for anyone living close come a vampire den.

5. Vampires deserve to Kill


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Despite being named “Vampires can Kill”, this mode by Zer0 is actually a arsenal of vampire-related tweaks that go beyond whether drinking blood can end a life.

Its primary feature is, of course, including the opportunity to kill various other sims by over-drinking. Even if it is on purpose or by accident.

For several of you I recognize it’s no accident. Remember every those years of removed the ladder the end of the swim pool?

But by far the many interesting enhancement from this mod is turning all sims into cattle through the Manipulate Life heart interaction, binding them to the vampire in a sort of symbiotic relationship.

Cattle Sims are just happy when they’re serving their master. However will slowly wither away and also die together the vampire suck them dry, bringing your story come a disastrous end. Exactly how fun, however tragic. However fun!

4. Role playing game Vampires


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Another remarkable mod by vampire-lover and modder Zer0 is role play Vampires.

This provides living as a vampire sim not only an ext realistic, however overall much more engaging.

It fleshes-out vampire gameplay by offering you the possibility to confess your vampirisim to various other Sims, one of two people to scare them or since they’re her friends and you just want them come know.

However not all Sims will certainly react the same. And also they all have actually their own opinions ~ above vampirekind based on their traits and also past experiences.

You can try to to convince them vampires aren’t that bad, but you won’t constantly succeed. And also some could even come to be vampire hunters and make it your life’s mission to unmask you and also your kind.

3. Event: Vampire Initiation Ritual


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Willingly coming to be a vampire is something the does not always get treated through severity.

You’re ending up being an immortal. That’s acquired to it is in at the very least as vital as a wedding!

Polish creator IlkaVelle took it upon herself to make an event out that it, finish with a senior Vampire host and also both vampire and also human guests.

If you regulate to pull turn off a good turning party you’ll gain a sizable starter pack including Plasma Packs, Plasma Fruits, the can be fried Vampire Tome and even a Coffin for this reason you can sleep in peace. Exactly how sweet.

2. Darkside Vampire Career


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Rumors have been turn all roughly town around the Darkside Club.

This is a new nightclub through a secret… it’s in reality a hub because that vampire operations and also entertainment.

This mod by TiaraM opens the doors to three different career paths, all start at the Darkside.

Whether you desire to become the vampires’ plaything, turn right into a denizen of the night yourself, or devote your life come hunt them – it’s up to you.

Personally, i think coming to be a premium escort because that vampires and getting payment to allow them suck my blood sounds choose a dream job. Far better than McDonald’s, in ~ least.

1. Bloodborne Aspiration


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Based top top Vampires “Don’t Sleep Alone: Your overview to Meeting, Dating, and also Seducing a Vampire” by Elizabeth Barrial, this mode by creator Sresla introduces a new aspiration because that vampire sims bend on learning the truth about their ancestry.

And it’s a doozy.

You’ll go through numerous stages, learning around vampires and completing jobs that little by small reveal the truth about your Vampiric Caste.

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If you’re looking for something to provide your adventures a little of stare structure, the Bloodborne aspiration could be your ticket to hrs of fun.