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If a girl tells you that she is solitary and all set to mingle, walk mingle here mean the she is prepared to “hook up”? ¹

1. The is, to have actually casual sex-related intercourse.

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In general, come "mingle" way to mix or combine. You might say, because that example, "The blue and red marbles were mingled together", definition they to be mixed.

It is common to talk of people mingling, an interpretation that they room spending time with others. E.g., "I"m walking to go to Sally"s party and also mingle with other people" or "He mingled v artists and writers."

"Single and also ready to mingle" is a stock phrase an interpretation that a person is no much longer in a committed relationship to one various other person and so is currently looking for one more partner. I assumed it to be pretty obsolete: i haven"t heard it in plenty of years until now.

It walk not suggest that the human being is interested in a one-night-stand. The person might have that in mind, yet the expression itself simply shows a willingness come date.


It method that the girl is ready to start searching for potential partner again. She is all set to get ago into the dating scene and also mingle with people she is attractive to.

One could imply that her critical break increase left her reluctant come get back into the dating scene, and also being "ready to mingle" means she is over she mourning period.

It does not necessarily median she is prepared to hook up (i.e. Have sexual intercourse).

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This interpretation works for civilization of any sex, too, not just girls.


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