The Dragonborn is among the most an effective beings top top Nirn, utilizing the strength of the Thu"um come decimate enemies and also slay dragons. Not even the Voice is enough for part players, as Skyrim also enables you to become a vampire or werewolf to obtain unique change modes.

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recognized as Lycanthropy, those that can turn right into werecreatures space terrifying come face. Players can obtain the strength of Beast type through a details questline, permitting them come turn right into a werewolf at any time they view fit. It"s one extremely powerful ability in the early game that most melee builds should take into consideration taking. Let"s walk over how you can end up being a werewolf in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

exactly how To become A Werewolf

Skyrim Werewolf
There space two main ways of ending up being a Werewolf in Skyrim:

advancing through the Companions" key quest wearing the cursed Ring that Hircine during the "Ill Met by Moonlight" quest

The 2nd scenario is therefore niche the the an initial option is her only helpful choice. Friend can find the Companions in Whiterun within The Circle. Speak to the various NPCs over there to sign up with the guild, beginning their main quest.

The silver Hand

one of the Companion"s key quests, "The silver Hand," is where players will acquire to contract Lycanthropy. Throughout the quest, it"s revealed that the high-ranking members that the Companions all have Lycanthropy. Lock bestow you with their "gift" prior to you storm a silver Hand stronghold. As soon as you get Lycanthropy, you"ll have actually it permanently unless you carry out a certain ritual at the end of the Companions" quest.

Skyrim Hagraven
there is only one means to eliminate your werewolf blood in Skyrim, and it just becomes accessible at the an extremely end that the Companions" key questline. If you want to become a vampire or vampire lord, you"ll must purge her werewolf blood first.

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throughout the second fifty percent of the Companions" quest, you"ll be tasked through decapitating the top of the Glenmorii witches. These heads have the right to be burned during the Companions" last quest, "Glory of the Dead," to clean Kodlak Whitemane"s Lycanthropy. You can use one of these top on you yourself at the finish of the quest to eliminate the "gift" native yourself. This routine will eliminate your Beast type Power entirely, additionally disabling Ring the Hircine"s key effect.

Skyrim Aela
As lengthy as you own the Dawnguard DLC or the unique Edition the Skyrim, you"ll be able to become a werewolf again, even if friend purged you yourself of the Companions" "gift" in "Glory of the Dead."

To get your Beast type back, speak to Aela the Huntress in The Circle. She will bestow her blood come you once again, allowing you to regain your werewolf powers when more. Remember, girlfriend can"t have vampire blood and also werewolf blood simultaneously. You have to pick one or the other.

Skyrim Werewolf Perk Tree
as with vampire lords, werewolves in Skyrim have a perk tree that enhances the stamin of her Beast Form. You have the right to earn points in this ability tree through feeding on dead bodies. The much more corpses friend feast on, the more XP you"ll earn towards your next perk point. Friend can accessibility the skill tree by pressing the inventory switch while in Beast Form.

Werewolves can also use special totems to change the impact of their howl. Friend can discover these totems in the Underforge after ~ you"ve re-cover them. Speak come Aela after coming to be Harbinger of the Companions to start the "Totems of Hircine" quest, permitting you to retrieve these totems.

The totems give the adhering to benefits:

Totem that the Hunt: Detect living creatures v walls. Totem the Brotherhood: Summon 2 wolf spirits to fight together you. Toten the Fear: Howl come inflict are afraid in a big radius, causing most characters to operation away in terror.

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