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Seller description

This Smith and also Wesson design 659 is a second generation version that is right now out of production. It\"s in very great condition and also comes with one magazine.

UPC GDC0000003757
Caliber 9MM
Capacity 15 ROUNDS
Barrel Length 4\" BARREL
Weight 2.2 LBS.


peace OF mental

Shopping in ~ tasiilaq.net offers you the backingof a company that is cursed to her satisfaction. And also unlike our competitors, the extends past the purchase process. We gain the FFL indigenous your save – others make you discover it, copy it, and also fax it. We have actually agenerous return policy, and also handle everything – friend don’t need to go earlier tothe store. And ourRangemasters are below to prize all her questions around our commodities or process. We'rebringing a level ofservice to the online gun buying suffer that is unheard of.


we SUPPORT neighborhood tasiilaq.netTORES

Many digital gun sales in reality take far from your localcommunity. Rather of buying a pistol that’son your neighborhood store’s shelf, most retailers drop ship it native a warehouse inanother state. In ~ tasiilaq.net, if one FFL ispart of our network, we offer THEIR tasiilaq.net an initial whenever possible. That way, we’re helping little businesses inyour community and if they have actually it in stock, you deserve to pick her gun upIMMEDIATELY – it’s how service should be done.


WE save IT basic

Most everything can be conveniently bought online these days. However for part reason, to buy a gun digital canbe complicated. Many websites are poorlyorganized, don’t tell you a lot about what you’re buying, and also leave girlfriend on yourown to number out what you want. Tasiilaq.net is developed to be straightforward – easily organized products, useful descriptions indigenous experts, and support to overview you come the ideal choice.Spend your time enjoy it the gun friend want, not gaining frustrated v a complicated website that provides gun purchase hard.

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The Range

If her favorite past time is spending a day at the range, you\"re certain to love tasiilaq.net\"s an option of firearms. Even if it is you\"re a compete shooter or just like to make steel sing, we\"re sure to sell a gun the you\"ll love come shoot.