Beautiful princesses, prince charmings, angry queens, treacherous witches - what would certainly fairy tales be without these characters? but there are also some others that remain with you long after the fairy tale ends. The seven dwarfs from snow White are one of the most renowned bunch of supporting characters of a fairy tale. However do you know their names? present yourself come the eponymous personalities from snow White and the 7 Dwarfs.

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Beautiful princesses, prince charmings, evil queens, treacherous witches – what would fairy story be without these characters? yet there are also some others that remain with you lengthy after the fairy tale ends. The 7 dwarfs from eye White are one of the most renowned bunch that supporting personalities of a fairy tale. However do you know their names? introduce yourself come the eponymous characters from snow White and the 7 Dwarfs.


Originally the 7 dwarfs in Snow White were unnamed. Your names have readjusted in various versions of the story. The most popular names that the dwarfs are from the 1937 Disney movie. They space Bashful, Doc, Dopey, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, and also Sneezy.

Once upon a time, in a soil we speak to Germany today, over there lived two brothers, Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm. They were so fascinated through the story of the times gone by the they spent their resides collecting folklore from anywhere the world. During their literature adventures, castle heard a story about a young, beautiful princess, her angry stepmother (the Queen), the jealousy the Queen felt in the direction of the princess, the princess’ poisoning and apparent death, and also her renewal (by method of a kiss) by a prince who fell in love through her. This story was eventually published by the brothers together Little eye White in their book Kinder- und Hausmärchen.


The story of eye White is one that we room all acquainted with. However what us don’t recognize is the the popular story that us heard as children has undertaken several revolutions in the previous two hundred years or so. The variation that the brothers Grimm released in their book was motivated by the Bavarian variation that featured the magic mirror, the poisoned apple, the coffin made of glass, and of course, the seven dwarfs.

Naming the Dwarfs: The Saga

Imagine snow White there is no the 7 dwarfs. Impossible, isn’t it? and to think that in the initial version of the tale the dwarfs had no names. The dwarfs were first given names in the 1912 Broadway play, eye White and also the seven Dwarfs. That course, they space most famous by the names that the Disney movie gave them. What is astonishing though is that the dwarfs have actually had different names in as plenty of as eleven version of the story.

Snow White and also the seven Dwarfs

Broadway PlayYear that Debut: 1912


Snow White and the seven Dwarfs

Animated FilmYear that Release: 1937


Schneewittchen (German)

Live activity FilmYear the Release: 1961


Little snow White

Animated television EpisodeYear of Telecast: 1965


Snow White

Musical function FilmYear of Release: 1987


Snow White*

Direct to VideoYear the Release: 1991

GrouchyKlutzyLazySloopySmileyTubby*There were just six dwarfs

Happily ever before After

Animated FilmYear that Release: 1993


Snow White

Feature FilmYear the Release: 2001


Schneewittchen (German)

TV MovieYear that Telecast: 2009


Mirror Mirror

Feature FilmYear that Release: 2012

ButcherChucklesGrimmGrubHalf PintNapoleonWolf

Snow White and the Huntsman

Feature FilmYear of Release: 2012


The 7 Dwarfs were also…

… robbers in specific European versions of the story. In the exact same tale, the dialog that the evil Queen has is not v a magic mirror however the sun or the moon.

… dragons in an Albanian version which was built up by Johann Georg von Hahn. The variety of dragons boosted from 7 to fourty in this one.

… giants in the 1980 computer animation film A snow White Christmas. So, instead of the 7 dwarfs, eye White lived v the 7 giants.

… toads in at sight Mario’s snow White, an adaptation made in Japan. Eye White herself to be renamed Princess Peach in this variation.

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The 7 dwarfs represent the many features that us as people display. They room the an excellent in us and the bad, the beautiful and the ugly. Fairy tales, to part adults, may seem unfashionable and also childish. Yet to those of united state who quiet believe, these space the stories that store the magic alive.