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The benzoic mountain solubility in aqueous phase and also in assorted aqueous mixture of methanol, ethanol and 2-propanol was figured out at temperatures varying from 303 to 333 K through an analytical technique. The results verified that the solubility of the mountain in alcohols-water binary mixtures is high as compared to pure aqueous phase. The enhancement of alcohols to water favors the dissolved of benzoic acid which increases further with the rise in alcohols content of water in ~ the investigated temperature range. The benzoic mountain solubility in water alone and also aqueous mixtures of the selected alcohols remained in the order of; 2-propanol in water > ethanol in water > methanol in water > pure water. That is likewise observed that within the investigated temperature range, the acid solubility rises with climb in temperature in both the aqueous phase and also alcohols-water binary solvents. The logarithm that the mole fraction of the acid’s solubility likewise showed a straight trend against the temperature. The experimental results obtained in the existing study were contrasted with the reported literary works for the studied acid and also other organic acids in various solvents and also showing a great agreement. The research will have implications in the processes involving separation, crystallization and pharmaceutical formulation in various industries.

Keywords: benzoic acid; binary mixtures; mole portion solubility; medicine formulations

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Authors are highly thankful to Kohat university of scientific research and technology (KUST) because that laboratory infrastructure for the research students and higher Education commission (HEC) that Pakistan for financial support.


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