I am searching for a word come let others recognize that somebody is a human who does precisely the the opposite of what that speaks. Is there any kind of word for this?




In a more literary way, Tartuffe or Pharisee.

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As a an outcome of Molière"s play, contemporary French and tasiilaq.net both use words tartuffe to designate a hypocrite who ostensibly and exaggeratedly feigns virtue.

A pharisee is a self-righteous or hypocritical human being who does not ​care about ​others.


That sounds like your typical politician to me.

It’s tough to give you a word for this without much more context in exactly how you wish to use it together there’s a number of words that would fit your description:

Deceitful, insincere, two-faced, false, duplicitous etc.

A dissembler is a human being who provides false appearance. One of Wordnik"s sources has this intake note:

Synonyms Dissembler, Hypocrite. A dissembler is one that tries to conceal what the is; a hypocrite, one who tries to do himself show up to be what the is not, specifically to seem far better than that is.

So i m sorry word would certainly be the much better of those two would depend on how much the individuals in question are actively portraying us to be who they room not. In various other words, space they just hiding their true nature? Or proactively pretending to be the the contrary of how they yes, really are?

This sounds favor a contradictory person:

asserting the contradictory or opposite; contradicting; inconsistent; logically opposite: contradictory statements.

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Hypocrite would certainly be a good word if the man in concern is malicious. However you didn"t suggest if this man is exhibiting this behavior in a morally-neutral sense or not.

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