The south American Coati, Nasua nasua, is a member of the raccoon family members (Procyonidae) and also is usually easily recognised by its reddish-brown fur, lengthy banded tail and also dark elongated snout. The is likewise known together the ring-tailed coati, though the ring on the tail might be rather weak. The fur colouration may additionally vary: there are countless subspecies.

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The name ‘Coati’ comes from native American Indian words cua, definition ‘belt’ and tim, an interpretation ‘nose’, introduce to the way coatis tuck your nose right into their belly while sleeping. Its scientific name, Nasua, originates from the Latin word because that ‘nose’, referring to its long snout.


The south American Coati has a differed diet, consisting of a range of invertebrates and fruit. It forages both in the trees and on the ground and also uses its functional nose to probe into crevices and also leaf litter searching for food. Adult females, infants and also immature Coatis live in groups of as much as 30 individuals, whereas adult males space usually solitary. A pregnant female will certainly leave their group to construct a nest in a tree wherein she will give birth, typically to a litter dimension of three or four young. The infants are able to walk and climb by the moment they room a month old and also within six main of bear the female returns to the group with she young.




The southern American Coati occupies forested habitats in south America, native Colombia and also Venezuela in the north to Uruguay and northern Argentina in the south.

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Threats and Conservation

The varieties is extensive and fairly common in areas of undamaged habitat, however populations are under risk from hunting and the destruction and also fragmentation of woodland in central and southern America. However, the level that threat and the relative decrease in numbers is not well known as this species is fairly unstudied.

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