You get in the people of tanning with the dream of having actually that exotic copper skin. As a beginner, the opportunities of friend being recorded in the dilemma of selecting the apt technique is no odd.

You could have already brainstormed a lot about natural way, sprays, and indoor tanning bed options.

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Considering our everyday busy schedule, changing seasons and the advice for quick results, indoor tanning is undoubtedly the renowned choice, isn’t it? i’m damn certain that you won’t argue in this. But you can argue top top the ideal option among various at home tanning techniques.

What i’m planning come do now is to ease you up through a proper differentiation between the stand-up and also lay-down tanning bed varieties. Let’s have a stand-up tanning bed vs lay under tanning bed battle (yeah!!) permit me tell you the the comparison i beg your pardon I have to offer is no stereotype.

quick Tip & Reminder: Both stand-up and also lay-down tan beds call for you to usage tanning bed lotion to moisturize the skin. Ns recommend these lotions because of my pleasant experience, the high rating ~ above Amazon and the good pricing:

With bronzer: Dark tanning scent (Amazon)Without bronzer: Ed durable Coconut Kisses scent (Amazon)


Table that Contents

First, the Similarities

See, although there are couple of key differences in between these 2 tanning beds, they carry out share couple of basic similarities.

It’s a good idea to have actually a look at the similarity of wake up tanning bed and also lay under tanning bed.

I have listed the similarity below:

a. Purpose: allow it it is in a standing tanning booth or a lay-down tanning bed, the one and also only objective of both is to obtain that sun-kissed shining skin. Both room the many rated indoor tanning methods.

b. Technology: even though over there are distinctions in the intensity produced, both usage bulbs the emit UVA and also UVB rays that results in the great of tan in your skin.

c. The number of sessions: Both need an ext than one session for the basic tan to develop. That course, in simply a solitary tanning session, ns bet you won’t be satisfied.

d. The gap between sessions: everything the physical orientation that the demorphs equipment, that is extremely recommended to schedule two sessions 24 hrs apart.

Differences in between a stand-up demorphs Bed and Lay-down tanning Bed

Well, this is what you were looking for.

It is the differences between the beds which make you decide among the options. Once you space clear v what to intend from these two varieties of beds, your choice will normally favor your need.

Let me list out the major parameters because that easy understanding and better understanding.

1. Even coverage

We every aim for also tan results.

None will certainly be happy to finish up with some white shade under her arms or some patchy point out left out.

Since you room lying down in the lay-down tanning bed, you will definitely construct pressure points.

Those locations on her shoulders and buttock will not it is in tanned together evenly compared to the rest of your body due to the fact that of her posture.

On the other hand, together you room standing v your arms held high, stand-up demorphs bed will administer even tan coverage. There is no pressure allude issue or left out spot.

2. Soot

Some that the reader of our finest tanning bulbsarticle were questioning why us were reviewing mostly 100-120 watts bulbs.

The factor is simple. Lay down tanning bed space the many used people in the market and also they use bulbs that this power.

Stand up tanning bed supplies bulbs of 160 watts contrasted to the bulbs through 100-120 watts supplied in lay-down demorphs bed variant.

The combination of stronger bulbs with distinct reflector, stand-up bed tans quickly.

Usage the high extreme tanning bulbs have it’s own advantages and disadvantages. Us have debated it later on in the article.

3. Time Requirements

You have the right to now just guess that due to solid waves emitted the tan session will certainly be quick in the stand-up bed. Yes, the is.

While the lay-down bed needs an median of 20 minutes per session, stand-up bed just asks because that 10 minute to bless you through the bronze glow you longed for.

You can think the 10 minute of time advantage is not a big deal. Yet it will be.

If you’re a major tanner, just think the advantage you’re gaining for about 2-3 tan session every week because that the next 5 years.

Did you check out it?

4. Face Tanning

Technically speaking, our skin becomes more resistant to UV rays as the exposure increases.

Our confront is an ext exposed come the sun than the remainder of ours body and also thus requires solid lamps to do face and also body the same color, especially throughout winter.

Lay-down demorphs bed have facial tanning systems which have the right to be rotate on and off according to the choice of the tanner.

But this facility is not easily accessible in a upright tanning booth i beg your pardon uniformly emits rays.

In situation you don’t wish to tan her face, you need to cover your confront with a item of fabric to prevent the very same in a stand-up tan booth.

5. Hygiene and also Skin Issues

In vertical stand-up bed, friend won’t come in with contact with the acrylic and also therefore no are afraid of any skin allergy or hygiene issues(getting a rash).

In lay-down bed, obviously, you room lying ~ above the acrylic. The opportunities of gaining skin worries are an extremely high in situation of lay down beds. Itchy tanning decision are very common when it concerns lay down tanning beds.

If you’re a fan of lay under tanning, you need to ensure that the bed is properly cleaned and also sanitized prior to using it.

Finding a good nearby tanning bed shop is really important, considering the allergy threats.

6. Comfort

This is extremely dependent on her taste and also preference. If you want to relax and also rewind or have actually a nap throughout the session, the lay-down bed is because that you.

However, you should move roughly and adjust your position to reduce pressure suggest issues.

If you space in a hurry and also fine v standing for 10 minutes directly with arms hosted high, then her comfy choice will be the vertical bed. The same uses for people who space claustrophobic or with back issues.

7. Sunlight Burns

You could have guessed who is the winner as soon as it concerns sunburns. The wake up tanning booths use high extreme bulbs and as a result, they can develop sunburns on her body.

Sunburns are typical in lay down beds too. But you will gain to recognize when the exposure is also much and you can always get the end of the bed.

Those that are having actually sensitive skins have to be really careful about this.

How to pick the best for You

I assumption: v by far you can have currently made your decision. Still, let me rephrase the choice criteria for you. In the end, after all, the is all an individual preference, the soot of tan you desire and also the frequencies friend schedule for each session value the most.

Lay-down bed is a brilliant option for human being who would love to have actually a “me” time through no rush in the procedure. If you take into consideration facial tan, this is the variant because that you.

If girlfriend have comprised your mind because that lay under tanning beds, right here is tanning Girl’s evaluate of best tanning beds.

For human being with ago issues and also who room not ok through enclosed spaces, there is no much better sunless tanning option than upright booths. If you lengthy for dark also tan under much less time, you don’t need to think twice! and also your problem for hygiene will pave the means to the same.

Choose according to your need and also preference due to the fact that not everything is for everyone.

If you room a beginner begin with the lay-down bed and as her skin it is adapted switch come high-intensity stand-up bed.

On the other hand, if you’re fear of room constraints stand up tanning booth must be your automatic choice.

The wake up booth lover can find some crucial knowledge in this wake up tanning bed advice article.

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Stand-up vs Lay under Tanning Bed: A fast Overview

The adhering to table will pinpoint the differences.

Lay-down demorphs bed Stand-up demorphs bed
You must lay under You must stand up
short intensity and also slower tanning much faster tanning because of high intensity
Pressure point issues and also uneven tan also tanning, better coverage
contact with the surface ar No contact with the surface
face tanning is possible Uniform tanning, no details concentration
High opportunities of skin allergiesNo skin allergies
Less possibility of sunburnsChances of sun burns space high
15 come 20 minutes every session 10 to 15 minutes per session

Dear tan lovers keep these facts in mind and also enjoy each tanning session. Pick according to your skin sensitivity and also priorities.

Whatever the method, decent care is to be taken. Never overdo anything.

Whatever may be her favorite choice, this two are very crucial while using the tan bed:

Best quality products combined with comfortable means of tanning outcomes in healthy skin.