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"Stay (I to let go You)" is a tune by American singer-songwriter Lisa Loeb. It was released in may 1994 as the lead single from the initial movie soundtrack fact Bites (1994). The song was written and composed by Loeb herself, while production was handled by Juan Patiño and Loeb, that previously produced some of her songs earlier with ripe Stories. "Stay" was initially conceived in 1990 once she created the tape Nine Stories, who were climate featured in the tune (they were credited separately native Loeb). Loeb"s neighbor and also friend, gibbs Ethan Hawke uncovered out about the song and also submitted the to gibbs Ben Stiller"s directional movie soundtrack reality Bites which to be then accepted. Musically, "Stay" is a pop rock song that was likewise influenced by folk music. Lyrically, the song faces a relationship that is in trouble, yet the singer tries to reconcile v her lover. "Stay" received positive reviews from many music critics, who praised the lyrical and production side and also the song"s advertisement potential. Several movie critics had provided the track in some of the best song lists. "Stay" at some point went ~ above to become a number-one hit on the Billboard hot 100 chart, earning she the difference of gift the an initial artist to top the us chart before being signed to any kind of record label. The song was commercially successful in several various other countries, consisting of Canada, wherein it additionally reached number one, and in Australia, new Zealand and also the unified Kingdom. The song"s music video was produced and directed by close friend Ethan Hawke who lived close to her apartment in brand-new York City. For your performance the the tune Lisa Loeb and also Nine story were nominated for a Grammy for finest Pop performance by a Duo or team with Vocals, but lost come All-4-One"s "I Swear".more »

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You sayI only hear what I want to and also you sayI talk so every the time, so and I believed what ns felt was straightforward And I assumed that ns don"t belong and now that i am leaving currently I recognize that ns did miscellaneous wrong"Cause i missed you Yeah ns missed youAnd you say I only hear what I desire to i don"t listen hard I don"t pay attention To the distance That you"re to run or come Anyone anywhere I don"t know if you really treatment I"m just hearing negative, no no no, negative So I, i turned the radio on, Iturned the radio up and also this woman was singing my track Lovers in love and the other"s run away Lover is crying "cause the other won"t stay and also some that us float when we weep for the other who was dying due to the fact that the job they were born, well Well, this is no that ns think the I"m throwing but I"m thrown and also I thought I"d live forever but now I"m no so sure You try to phone call me that I"m clever however that won"t take it me anyhow Or anywhere, with you and also you stated that ns was naive and also I thought that ns was strong I thought, "hey, I have the right to leave, I deserve to leave" Oh yet now I recognize that i was wrong "Cause ns missed you Yeah, ns missed girlfriend You said, "you caught me reason you want me and one job I"ll let girlfriend go" You shot to give away a keeper Or store me "cause you understand you"re just so scared to lose and you say, "Stay" You say I only hear what I want to

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Lisa Loeb Lisa anne Loeb (born march 11, 1968), is an American singer-songwriter and actress. She introduced her career in 1994 through the song, "Stay (I missed You)", i m sorry was included in the film truth Bites. She was the very first artist to have a number one solitary in the United says while not signed come a record contract.

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Her 5 studio CDs incorporate her significant label debut, the gold-selling Tails and its follow-up, the Grammy-nominated, gold-selling Firecracker. Much more »