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Offense wins games, but defense wins championships. That standard sports saying has actually been recurring for generations. Return it might be true more often 보다 not, specifically in football, leaving the end special groups would it is in a vast disservice.

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Having a an excellent kicker and also quality punter top top the roster is a true luxury. Whether it’s for making ar goals and extra clues or simply transforming field position, this specialists have actually the capability to transform a football game with one kick. In 1969, New York Jets punter Steve O’Neal go much more than that versus the Denver Broncos.

Standing within his own finish zone in ~ Mile High Stadium, O’Neal eight one so an excellent that it ended up being the longest punt in NFL history, and also it will most likely never be topped.

Longest punting in NFL History

In 1969, jet punter Steve O’Neal set an NFL/AFL record with a 98-yard punt. You’re around to see it best now and also I’ve gained that kid of a bitch traveling around 105 yards in all.pic.twitter.com/gSKxzYjg7M

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In the 2nd quarter, and pinned deep in their own territory, it was clear the Jets would be punting the soccer away. Something Steve O’Neal can do was a bonus. Then, the rookie made football history in the last American Football organization (AFL) regular season.

The ball was in ~ the 1-yard line. O’Neal remained in his own end zone. He recorded the round cleanly, took two steps and absolutely obliterated the football under the field.

“I just hit that well,” O’Neal told CBS Sports. “But of course earlier then the goalposts were on the goal line and they were simply to my right. So I had less 보다 10 yards to absent the ball, in a genuine tight situation. It went about 75 yards in the air, it talked about the returner’s head and when that hit the floor it simply took off like a groundball.”

O’Neal’s punting traveled somewhere roughly 70 yards in the air and sailed end the head that Denver Broncos returner invoice Thompson. The football then took an incredible bounce to the other 1-yard line and died simply in prior of the score line.

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Since it wasn’t a touchback, Thompson attempted a punting return before getting tackled in a issue of seconds. It to be ruled a 98-yard punt and also it’s one NFL document that appears unbreakable.

NFL Punts over 90 Yards

Randall Cunningham turns 58 today. Not just was he one of the most electric QBs to ever play the game, let’s no forget the moment he booted this legend 91-yard punting