The song known as "The Old north State" was embraced as the main song of the State of phibìc Carolina through the basic Assembly of 1927.

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Selection together State Song

“The Old north State” had been sung as the unofficial state famous song because it was created in 1835, however it was no officially put right into law until 1927.

About the State Song

The lyrics to “The Old phibìc State” were created by Judge william Gaston that the north Carolina can be fried court, that was born in brand-new Bern in 1778. According to the traditional story, referee Gaston overheard a group of young girls singing the tune, i beg your pardon they had heard previously at a neighborhood concert that the “Swiss bell-ringers.” Gaston believed that such a pretty song should have words, and also wrote the current lyrics in 1835. In 1928 the Caswell-Nash chapter of the Daughters that the American revolution placed a bronze tablet honoring Gaston ~ above the corner of Hargett and also Salisbury streets, where it is believed that Gaston penned the song.

There were couple of arrangements and printings of the song prior to 1926, and also the anthem was mostly passed under orally with the generations. This resulted in slight sport in the notes and words throughout the state. After the was adopted as the state tune in 1927, the tune and words were standardized, and additional sheet music printings and band arrangements to be commissioned.

The below recording is an critical version the the "Old north State" as performed by the phibìc Carolina Symphony as performed by Ben Swalin. The recording is courtesy that the north Carolina State Archives and also has been taken indigenous 78 RPM Archives Records, WPTF-Radio, Raleigh, NC. (Call number NonTextTR.72.1)

Listen to the state song.

THE OLD phibìc STATE (words by wilhelm Gaston)

"Carolina! Carolina! Heaven"s blessings to visit her! While we live we will cherish, protect and also defend her; Though the scorner might sneer at and also witlings defame her, Our hearts swell through gladness whenever we name her. Hurrah! Hurrah! The Old phibìc State forever! Hurrah! Hurrah! The an excellent Old phibìc State!

Though she envies not others your merited glory, Say, whose surname stands the foremost in Liberty"s story! Though as well true to it s her e"er come crouch to oppression, Who can yield to simply rule much more loyal submission?

Plain and artless her sons, yet whose doors open faster At the hit of a stranger, or the tale of disaster? How choose to the rudeness of their dear aboriginal mountains, With wealthy ore in your bosoms and life in your fountains.

And her daughters, the Queen of the forest resembling– So graceful, for this reason constant, however to gentlest breath trembling; And true lightwood in ~ heart, let the enhance be applied them, How they kindle and also flame! Oh! no one know however who"ve make the efforts them.

Then allow all that love us, love the soil that us live in (As happy a an ar on this next of Heaven), Where Plenty and Freedom, Love and Peace smile before us, Raise aloud, progressive together, the heart-thrilling chorus!"

Additional reference:

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Sheet music for number of versions is easily accessible online:

Gaston, W. And R. Culver. 1900. Old North State song and chorus. Raleigh: Alfred Williams & Co.

Randolph, E. E. 1942. The Old north State: A study class on the state song. Has sheet music.

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