Mario and friends top to the room Bypass in search of the Pure Heart. Just how did Squirps know about this secret route? our heroes stared suspiciously at him. "Why room you staring favor that?" stated Squirps. "Are friend falling for Squirps?!" In the darkness of space, the eyes of Squirps glinted mischievously...Back in space, Squirps states that this is the room Bypass, which allows them to go into the Whoa Zone. Tippi requirements answers. Squirps states the Whoa region is a prohibition zone the some call the "Space Graveyard". It"s a complicated maze and also those who go into never leave. The Pure heart is supposedly in ~ the ago of the maze. Tippi asks just how he to know this and who the is, calling him an incontinent tiny imp. Squirps"s stomach growls. He"s hungry, for this reason he speak the heroes to quickly find the entrance. This part of space is dubbed The outer Limits. Upper and lower reversal behind the brick blocks for a shooting star. There room spinning rectangles called Hedrons. They space indestructible and hurt girlfriend if you come into contact with them. There"s a Mushroom in the item block. Upper and lower reversal the red "X" to do a door appear. There"s a Squirps-shaped feet in the gate. Squirps desires to it is in squished into the hole. Aid him out and also a door appears. This is just one of the an are gates that leads to the Whoa Zone. You"ll find another one v the door, however this gate has two holes. Conserve using the surrounding Save Block, climate go with the warp ~ above the right. The warp leader to a large area of space with numerous blue warps. There"s a Ghost Shroom behind some brick blocks and if girlfriend swim up, you"ll uncover a record Card SP. There"s a warp high up, top top the right. Go v it and also you"ll find a shop dubbed Twinkle Mart. The shop"s clerk states they"re the an initial customer due to the fact that the keep opened. Twinkle Mart sells three kinds of chocolate bars. Obtain what you prefer for yourself, yet get a Sweet Choco-bar at the minimum. Warp back. Go through the warp ~ above the far left double to uncover an area v rings the coins, then return to the gate utilizing the violet warp. Squirps desires to be twisted into the hole this time. The gate shakes, however nothing happens. Squirps claims he demands to eat miscellaneous yummy. Offer him the Sweet Choco-bar. Squirps says he"s a gourmand when it concerns chocolate, therefore he doubts he"ll like the cheapest cacao bar. He ends up loving it and also splitting in two. The two Squirps fit in both holes, make the door appear. ~ the door appears, castle reform right into a singular unit. Squirps states he got brought away.

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Go through the door come the star.