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I simply bought a used 2016 750 King Quad and also want to change all the fluids. The hands-on calls because that Mobilfluid 424 or tantamount in the behind differential. I have actually searched (this forum and also others) and also even asked several dealers because that this fluid and also no one has it or even knows what the is. I have likewise asked the dealers because that the liquid recommended by Suzuki and also get various answers. One gave me a 80 weight oil, one one oil v no load labeled on it, and also some quit just say lock don"t know???? The Mobilfluid 424 is a hydraulic / infection fluid, fine suited for wet clutches and wet brakes. What is everyone utilizing in their rear differential???I am at a loss!Thanks in development for your input.

You usually have to buy Mobil 424 in 5 gallon pails. Suzuki or Kawasaki wet brake oil can be to buy by the quart. It"s probably identical to 10 or 15wt fluids. Execute NOT use 80 wt...
Thanks Lee. Ns talked to Amzoil and also they knew exactly what the mobilfluid 424 was. Castle cross-referenced it to their oil the is a 5W/30. This is what made me think I much better look right into this a little deeper. Ns wasn"t confident v the 80 weight oil.Thanks again &Happy Holidays to you.

Hi.I own a 2018Here is a photo taken indigenous my business manual. Expect this can help you.Cheersp.s: I understand from mine dealer the is diff oil is unique as it journey the gear and is supplied by the brake so be mindful with that. Her Suzuki dealer need to sell it.
I agree. Y=You would think the dealer would have it yet I checked out 3 various dealers and none had actually it.

New to this forum and also my atv. Unfortunately ns bought this v no company manual and they are expensive. I got a 2008 Suzuki king quad 750 4x4. Does the front and the rear take the exact same mobile 424 fluid or equivalent. Will certainly the Kawasaki fluid and ecstar through Suzuki mentioned above work for both the front and also rear diff on my machine? Thanks.
I to buy ATV wet brake fluid, i forgot what the brand is, i think it"s ATG or something. Yet most tractor differential oil will certainly do since most tractor brakes are wet brakes. Just make certain the viscosity matches and you"ll be fine. You"ll know an extremely quickly if you put the wrong stuff in because the behind brake won"t work as well as before.

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I"ve supplied TDH... It is tractor diesel hydraulic liquid for 15 urs and 14000km .. The a direct replacement.. Avail in ~ Canadian tires stores 4 liters because that 20 Canadian kopeks sent from mine SM-G950W using Tapatalk
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