It’s always folly come compare any type of songwriting duo to john Lennon and Paul McCartney, due to the fact that the songwriting engine that The Beatles will always be beyond anything else prefer it in pop and also rock music. Yet the duo of kris Difford and Glenn Tilbrook, that wrote the songs because that UK tape Squeeze, more than likely did as well as any pair ever before saddled with the “Next Lennon and McCartney” moniker.

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The partnership was somewhat odd in the Difford wrote the lyrics and also Tilbrook tackled the music, nice much specifically so in both cases. Throughout the late 70’s and also early 80’s, Difford’s wry, nimble wordplay and also Tilbrook’s keen melodic sense powered a steady stream of fight albums and singles, at least in England. Squeeze’s success was a bit more muted in the U.S., but “Tempted” aided to breakdown the American door because that the band.

The track was the centerpiece of the band’s an excellent 1981 album East side Story, which to be co-produced through Elvis Costello. (That’s E.C. To sing the short vocal in the 2nd verse that “Tempted.”) Difford described to Songfacts how the song involved him throughout the band’s travels. “Tempted was composed in a cab ~ above the means to Heathrow, I simply wrote down what i saw and also how i felt together we wormed our way through the traffic,” he said. “I likewise must have anticipated a good time on tour as the chorus suggests.”

“Tempted” speak of the narrator’s effective attempts to remain faithful come the mrs he addresses in the song while managing temptations top top the road. Squeeze had actually a secret weapon to help put the song throughout in keyboardist-vocalist Paul Carrack. Carrack join the tape for east Side Story, and his soulful vocals discovered some profound, buried emotions in Difford’s guilt-ridden to-do-list.

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It’s a credit to Difford that he is ready to show his narrator’s struggles maintaining his fidelity, as opposed come writing another clichéd anthem about the rock star on the road pining for his girl in ~ home. For his part, Tilbrook created a melody it is both soon catchy and also sturdy sufficient to endure. And also Carrack pulled it all together with a vocal that provides you feeling every little bit of this guy’s torment, which is critical to making him relatable come the audience.

We leaving this sad bag standing in front of a mirror asking his reflection because that some sort of sign regarding the course he have to take. The tune wouldn’t hit even the top 40 in the US, yet it would end up being ubiquitous in TV shows, movies, and commercials end the years while it simultaneously obtained a foothold top top 80’s-based radio stations. They may not have actually been Lennon and also McCartney, however Difford and also Tilbrook, v a large assist from Carrack, sure caught Beatlesque pop perfection v “Tempted.”