As a effective actress, specialized mother of four and wife of former NFL quarterback Rodney Peete, Holly Robinson Peete"s life is far from slow and also steady. Through it all, however, one thing has remained constant: her partnership with her finest friend, terry Lynn Ellis.

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everybody should have actually a "Terry Lynn Ellis." My finest friend forever has been such a solid and also consistent resource of toughness for me since we very first met and "fell in love" in 1992 on the set of mine sitcom Hangin" with Mr. Cooper. I recorded the show"s design template song together with Terry"s renowned singing group, En Vogue. The various other girls in the group always told her us looked alike, however we didn"t view it. Yet there was an undeniable spark in between us. So we exchanged numbers, connected, go on a very first date, and it"s to be on and also poppin" ever before since! Now, I"ve well-known a many of good women in mine life end my 45 years, however what sets terrycloth apart from gift a "good friend" is she disarming yes, really spirit. I just feel so okay around who ns am around her. We enable each other to just it is in . She never judges, and she is my own personal "vault," meaning I know there is nothing I could say come her that anyone else would ever hear from she lips. It"s the most comforting feeling ever, and also I don"t have actually it with everyone else. My terry is a basic southern gal indigenous Texas. Simply as "country" together she can be. What you see is what you get. We are both Virgos—she September 5 and also me September 18. We always celebrate our birthdays through a scenic drive/getaway. Our favorite point to do is blast "70s R&B music in the car and also make up harmonies and also dated dance moves. The music own us and also makes us so silly and also drunk through giggles that my husband swears we space two kooks that have to be committed! yet when ns ask Rodney to describe Terry he claims one word: "True." Outta" the mouths the husbands… speaking of which, one of my favorite terry moments was when we showed up on The display in 1996 for the illustration who Knows girlfriend Better? Your finest Friend or her Man? Gayle King and Terry competed against Stedman and also Rodney for that knew and also me better. The BFFs delete everything the floor with the guys. It to be hilarious. being blessed through Terry"s friendship
The craziest thing is the Terry"s career v En Vogue has actually taken her around the human being for 20 years performing in stadiums and she has met anyone in the business. Yet she is fully unfazed.

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In fact, she is shy, however you"d never recognize it through watching her onstage! My youngsters recently experienced "Auntie Terry" carry out at our annual HollyRod fundraiser and had your mouths open up the totality time! after the show, mine youngest said, "Can us go accomplish that nice lady?" that didn"t know who the was up there! The Auntie terrycloth they know wears sweats and a ponytail, snuggles and also sings come them once they go to sleep—all the singin", loot shakin" and also lashes threw the off! My terry is the consistent real deal: from gift there with loser boyfriends to gift the bridesmaid in mine wedding come the keeper husband (he passed she test), indigenous guiding me out of the darkness of my father"s death to helping me lug four kids into this world, from difficult by mine side once others didn"t after "the world"s worst day" (my son"s autism diagnosis) come performing because that my autism charity… I simply count my terrycloth blessings every day.