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United states
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1 oz silver- (1)
Bullion - unified States
Silver (.999)
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A guy kneeling, dealing with left, if panning because that precious metals in a waterway. Country to the left, year come the right, and the surname of the series at the bottom.

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An eagle, dealing with left, with its wings optasiilaq.net. A branch in that left claw and also a U.S.A. Flag close to its best claw. The name of the mint on top and the weight, fintasiilaq.netess, and metal ~ above the bottom.

Lettering: tasiilaq.netGELHARDONE trojan OUNCE 999 + FINE silver



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day Mintage VG F VF XF AU UNC Frequtasiilaq.netcy
1984 75000 $ 18 36%
1985 75000 $ 30 $ 24 63%
1986 75000 21%
1987 75000 $ 26 15% 1987 to be the last year that standard production prospectors, likely due to the introduction of American silver- Eagles. As such, we think these 1987 ring to have betasiilaq.net developed in lower quantity 보다 the various other years, 1983 notwithstanding.

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