In plot IV, step V of Romeo and also Juliet, Juliet"s parents room deeply shocked and genuinely grieved at her death, while the Nurse is shocked and also saddened. Paris concentrates on himself, when the Friar, that knows the fatality is no real, berates Juliet"s parents for not rejoicing that she is in heaven and for rushing her into a marriage.

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In action 4, scene 5, the Nurse beginning Juliet "s bedroom to discover her still in bed. At first, she trust Juliet is merely still asleep, calling she a "slug-a-bed" and joking through her. However, the Nurse becomes significantly anxious, marveling at just how "sound" Juliet"s sleep is and becoming desperate...

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In action 4, scene 5, the Nurse enters Juliet"s bedroom to uncover her tho in bed. At first, she believes Juliet is merely still asleep, calling her a "slug-a-bed" and joking v her. However, the Nurse becomes increasingly anxious, marveling at just how "sound" Juliet"s sleep is and also becoming no hope to wake up her. As soon as she realizes that Juliet is in her clothes, she establish what (she thinks) has actually happened and also calls for Lord and Lady Capulet come tell them the Juliet is dead.

Lady Capulet"s instant reaction is one of despair, noting the Juliet is she child and also her "only life" and also begging Juliet come come earlier to life, or rather Lady Capulet it s her would rather die.

Lord Capulet"s response is more restrained; he believes at as soon as that she is dead, and also then explains that his tongue is tied by death and he is recognize it challenging to speak.

Paris"s solution is interesting: that laments the he is "divorced" by the fatality of Juliet and also it has actually left him "slain." that appeals come his love, which appears to encourage Capulet to express his own woe. Capulet declares the his joys space "buried" through Juliet.

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Friar Laurence, however, declares that the gathered agency is to express too much woe in one unhelpful way. He claims that it is much better for Juliet come be taken to heaven, and that the "confusion" being spread by the rather is not advantageous either come Juliet or come those who have actually survived her. He begs lock to calm themselves.