The dimensions of a triangular lot are 100 feet by 50 feet by 75 feet. If the price of such land is $3 per square foot, exactly how much does the lot cost?

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You must style a triangular open up channel to bring a waste stream from a chemical plant to a waste...... ... amounts to the wetted perimeter. Due to the fact that the maximum flow price synchronizes to the maximum velocity, the optimal style quantities to minimizing the wetted perimeter. Determine the dimensions to... View Answer
1. Find the area of a rectangular movie display screen that is 50 feet long and 40 feet high. 2. How much fencing will certainly a rancher require for a rectangular livestock lot that measures 80 feet by 120 feet? 3. Find the perimeter of a triangular picture frame that actions x inches by x inches by (x - 14)... View Answer
A triangular matrix is called unit triangular if it is square and eexceptionally major diagonal facet is a Sexactly how that the factorization in (a) is unique. View Answer
A matrix is referred to as reduced triangular if all entries above the diagonal are zero. Sjust how that a matrix is both lower and also upper triangular if and only if it is a diagonal... View Answer
(a) If is an "upper triangular" block matrix, wright here A11 and also A22 are square matrices, then det(A) = det(A11) det(A22). Use this outcome t0 evaluate det(A) for (b) Verify your answer in component (a) by making use of a coaspect development to evaluate... View Answer
A stock newly has actually been estimated to have actually a beta of 1.24:a. What will certainly a beta book compute as the “adjusted beta” of this stock?b. Suppose that you estimate the complying with regression describing the advancement of beta over time:?t = .3 + .7?t-1What would be your predicted beta for following year? View Answer
A minibus has 11 passenger seats. Tbelow are 6 seats in a row on the sunny side and also 5 seats in...... ... if: a. Tright here are no limitations b. One particular passenger refoffers to sit on the sunny side c. Two certain passengers refusage to sit in seats that are either alongside each other or one... View Answer
The City of Breukelen maintains a fast transit system, which is accounted for in a proprietary...... ... Revenues from fares ............$ 3,150,000 Train operating costs........... 2,430,000 Track and train maintenance costs.... 565,000 Depreciation ...............325,000 Investment income... View Answer
You should create 300-500 words in full on the important/impactful points you have experienced...... ... an exciting short article or blog recently? Have you attended an exciting event or presentation? Did you attfinish an intercheck out, or make an important/exciting presentation? Any other topic that... View Answer
Find the location of the segment of a circle whose radius is 5 inches, formed by a central angle of 40°. View Answer
A cone-shaped tent is made from a circular item of canvas 24 feet in diameter by rerelocating a sector with central angle 100° and connecting the ends.What is the surchallenge location of the tent? View Answer
Jack and Jill Smith live in the Midwestern suburb of Pleasantville. They have actually 2 youngsters, periods 5...... ... The even more thorough your justification, the better your chance of earning the full points. Recommendation 1: ______________. Justification (2 – 3 sentences): ______________ Recommendation 2:... View Answer
For each of the adhering to items, enter the correct letter to the left to display the kind of expenditure. Use thefollowing: View Answer
On April 15, Meier Company marketed merchandise to Curran Company for $5,000 on terms of 2/10, n/30, Assume a rerevolve of merchandise on April 20 of $850 and also collection in complete on April 25. What is the amount built up by Meier on April 25? View Answer
On December 31, 2010, Rugaboo Corp. concerns 9%, 10-year convertible bonds payable through a maturity...... ... by the bondholders on July 1, 2012, of bonds through confront value of $800,000 right into 90,000 shares of Rugaboo Corp. $1-par common stock.3. Sexactly how just how Rugaboo Corp. would certainly report the remaining bonds... View Answer
Prior to the development of government-wide financial statements, the City of Loveland also did not report...... ... be reported for each mile of road depending on the year it was put into operation. For example, what reported worth should be disclosed in the government-wide financial statements for 10... View Answer

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“A customer profitcapacity profile highlights those customers that should be dropped to enhance profitability.” Do you agree? Explain. View Answer