Paris, what a beautiful city! practically everyone knows the well known Eiffel Tower: the social icon that France. It is an steel tower in Champ de Mars, Paris and also you have the right to visit the observation platform ~ above the optimal of the tower. Human being who endure from fear of heights must avoid to obtain on peak of the tower since it is a little wobbly there. But if you can make it, you room rewarded through an impressive view over the city. The finest thing is: during summer, you space even greater than in winter. Throughout summer the Eiffel Tower is about 15 to 30 centimeters higher.

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Fig.1 Eiffel Tower in Paris. note that the proportions room not correct. Source

Myth or Fact? us will find out!

Until 1930 the Eiffel Tower was the tallest building on earth. Called after that founder Gustave Eiffel it"s purpose was to set a sign for the French revolution and to operate as a radio transmission tower. Indigenous the bottom come the highest point the tower procedures 324,82m and has a weight of around 7300 tons of wrought iron. Today’s write-up is not about the Eiffel Tower itself, it"s an ext about a physical phenomenon: thermal expansion.

What is thermal expansion?

Imagine you have a rod. This rod deserve to be make of metal, plastic or wood. The size of her rod transforms proportional come the eco-friendly temperature. We recognize that fluids increase in their volume once they are heated. In the critical article about hot water freezing much faster than cold water we learned around the hatchet convection. A warmer liquid usually has actually a lower density than a cold fluid. The difference in density causes the fluid to move. Solid products can broaden as well. It is even possible to calculation the development with the following equation:

Fig.2 Thermal growth equation SourceWith together the length, A the area, V the volume, a (alpha) the thermal expansion coefficient and also T the temperature. An alert that the “triangle” in prior of T represents delta and means the temperature difference. Iron has a thermal expansion coefficient of 11,8 10^-6 K^-1.Let’s take a rod that is 1000 mm long and also a temperature distinction of 10 Celsius.This would certainly make an growth of 0.118 mm!

Now come the Eiffel Tower. Stop assume we have 0 level in winter and 30 level in summer, this makes a distinction of 30 degree. Through a length of 324m we have a difference of around 16,5 cm! large isn’t it?

Fig.3 Sample of a theoretical expansion of a pole SourceNot just towers but bridges can increase in their length too. Right here is the usage of growth joints essentials. These small gaps enables brides to increase in summer without ruining the material due to the acting force. Without these expansion joints bridges can get seriously damaged over time.

Fig.4 development joints Source

Yes, that true.

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Throughout summer the Eiffel Tower have the right to be taller 보다 in winter.I expect you appreciated this episode of legend or Fact and thanks because that reading. The next one will follow tomorrow.-Tim