The heartwarming and also memorable Newbery Honor-winning book about finding family members in the unlikeliest places, featuring artwork by beloved illustrator Garth Williams. This standard middle class novel is a welcome and meaningful read, specifically at Christmastime.

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Armand, an old male living top top the roadways of Paris, relishes his solitary life in the beautiful city. That is happy v his carefree existence, begging and doing odd jobs to save himself warm and fed. With simple pleasures and no cares, what an ext could he need?

Then one day just before Christmas, Armand return to his favourite spot in ~ the leg to discover three cold and hungry children. Although he has no interest in children, Armand shortly finds self caring because that the little family. That does not take Armand really long come realize the he should do every little thing it bring away to gain them a genuine home. 

Children will certainly treasure this warm and also funny adventure that family, freedom, and Santa Claus. The book includes illustrations by Garth Williams, the acclaimed illustrator of E. B. White"s Charlotte"s Web and Laura Ingalls Wilder"s tiny House series.


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Natalie Savage Carlson was the author of many beloved children’s books, including the Orphelines series and Surprise in the Mountains. Her very first story was published in the children’s page of the Baltimore Sunday sunlight when she to be eight year old. She received a Newbery respect for she novel The family members Under the Bridge.

Garth Williams is the famous illustrator of practically one hundred books for children, including the lover Stuart Little by E. B. White, Bedtime because that Frances by Russell Hoban, and the small House collection by Laura Ingalls Wilder.

He to be born in 1912 in new York City but raised in England. He founded an arts school close to London and also served with the brothers Red overcome Civilian Defense during human being War II. Williams operated as a portrait sculptor, art director, and also magazine artist prior to doing his an initial book Stuart Little, thus start a long and lustrous career illustrating some the the best known children"s books.

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In enhancement to depicting works by White and also Wilder, he also illustrated George Selden’s The Cricket in time Square and that sequels (Farrar Straus Giroux). He developed the character and also pictures because that the very first book in the Frances series by Russell Hoban (HarperCollins) and also the an initial books in the miss out on Bianca series by Margery spicy (Little, Brown). He collaborated with Margaret wise Brown on her Little gold Books titles Home for a Bunny and little Fur Family, among others, and also with Jack Prelutsky on 2 poetry collections published by Greenwillow: Ride a violet Pelican and also Beneath a Blue Umbrella. He additionally wrote and also illustrated seven books on his own, including Baby farm Animals (Little gold Books) and The Rabbits’ Wedding (HarperCollins).