What is calcium cyanide used for?

Calcium Cyanide is a white powder v an almond-like odor. It is used in stainless steel manufacturing, leaching ores, together a fumigant, insecticide and a single dose poison.

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What is CaCN2?

Calcium cyanamide is the inorganic compound with the formula CaCN2. That is the calcium salt of the cyanamide (CN2−2) anion. This chemical is provided as fertilizer and is commercially recognized as nitrolime.

What is the molar fixed of calcium cyanide?

92.113 g/mol

Is CA CN 2 soluble in water?

Some simple cyanides are soluble in water (sodium cyanide, NaCN; potassium cyanide, KCN; and also calcium cyanide, Ca(CN)2), if others space sparingly soluble or virtually insoluble (copper (I) cyanide, CuCN). Cyanogen (NC-CN) and cyanogen chloride (CNCl) are highly toxic gases that space soluble in water.

What is the percent massive of N in CA CN 2?

Elemental composition of Ca(CN)2

ElementSymbolMass percent

What is the fixed of 0.780 mol CA CN 2?

One mole the calcium cyanide has actually a mass of 92.12 g. You have actually 0.780 mol that the stuff. Therefore the massive is approx. 70 g .

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What is the percent massive oxygen in acetone c3h6o?


What is the percent composition that kno3?

The molar mass will be calculate by including the massive of individual facets present multiplied through their respective number of atoms. The percent composition of K is 38.61%. In the same method we have the right to do it for others. The portion composition of N is 13.86%.

What is the percent ingredient of oxygen in potassium phosphate?

Percent ingredient by element

ElementSymbolMass Percent

What is the percent composition of oxygen in KNO3?


What is the percentage composition of oxygen?

72.71 %

How numerous grams are in Ana?

0.72875 Grams

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