the gaseous envelope bordering the earth; the air: a weather balloon climbing high right into the atmosphere.

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this tool at a provided place: the warm, dry atmosphere of the Joshua tree's herbal environment.
Astronomy. The gas envelope surrounding a heavenly body: The white ovals viewed in Saturn's atmosphere could be intense storms.
Chemistry. Any type of gaseous envelope or medium: The ether was treated with a sulfate in an atmosphere of charcoal gas.
a typical unit that pressure, the normal pressure of the air in ~ sea level, around 14.7 pounds every square inch (101.3 kilopascals), same to the push exerted by a column of mercury 29.92 customs (760 millimeters) high. Abbreviation: atm.
a surrounding or pervading mood, environment, or influence: an setting of unavoidable war; a really tense atmosphere.
the dominant mood or emotionally tone the a work of art, as of a play or novel: the chilly atmosphere of a ghost story.
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Atmosphere has actually a very simple etymology: it comes from new Latin atmosphaera, a compound noun created of Greek atmós “vapor, steam, odor” and sphaîra “ball, globe, terrestrial or planetary sphere, eyeball, boxing gloves.” no Greek noun has actually a reputable etymology. The faster sense, from the mid-1600s, is found in at an early stage scientific writing, introduce to “the gas envelope neighboring a heavenly body.” Figurative senses occurred later: very first “a neighboring or pervading mood,” referring to mental or mental environment, in the so late 1700s, and also then, “a distinctive quality, together of a place; character,” introduce to physics environment.

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atmolysis, atmometer, atmometry, atmophile, Atmos clock, atmosphere, atmospheric, atmospheric braking, atmospheric electricity, atmospheric engine, atmospheric perspective
pressure, air, climate, tone, mood, space, feel, character, scene, environment, surroundings, taste, place, aura, sense, ambience, flavor, quality, spirit, color
the gaseous envelope bordering the earth or any other celestial bodySee likewise troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, ionosphere
a unit of pressure; the pressure that will support a tower of mercury 760 mm high in ~ 0°C at sea level. 1 setting is identical to 101 325 newtons every square metre or 14.72 pounds per square inchAbbreviation: at, atm
A unit of push equal come the air pressure at sea level, around equal come 1.01325 X 105 newtons every square meter.