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The complying with is a complete poem by man Keats. It’s title ‘The human being Seasons’.

Four periods fill the measure up of the year;There are four seasons in the psychic of man:He has actually his lusty Spring, when an intricate clearTakes in every beauty with straightforward span:He has his Summer, when luxuriouslySpring’s honied cud that youthful thought he lovesTo ruminate, and by such dreaming highIs nearest unto heaven: quiet covesHis soul has in its Autumn, as soon as his wingsHe furleth close; contented so come lookOn fog in idleness—to let same thingsPass by unheeded together a threshold brook.He has actually his Winter as well of pale misfeature,Or else he would certainly forego his mortal nature.


This poem’s ton would finest be explained as:

a) cynical and sarcastic

b) Apoplectic and also lyrical

c) Acerbic and bellicose

d) Observant and explanatory

2. In this poem, male is described as being choose two pets (a bird and a cow). This is an example of:

a) A metaphor and a zoomorphism

b) A simile and also alliteration

c) A triptych and a zoomorphism

d) A simile and also consonance

3. What is this poem’s structure?





4. I m sorry of this is a literary maker that is offered in the poem?

a) Imagery

b) Alliteration

c) Anecdote

d) Triptych

5. Together established, man is associated with cows in the poem. Which line does this?

a) “his Winter as well of pale misfeature”

b) “Spring’s honied cud of youthful thought”

c) “when his wings / that furleth close”

d) “when an elaborate clear / takes in all beauty beauty with straightforward span”

6. Autumn has the highest variety of lines and the most description. What is a possible reason behind this choice?

a) loss represents the slowest phase of a life; a high variety of lines mirrors that longevity.

b) fall is john Keats’ favourite season, as shown by his detailed summary of it.

c) fall is the longest season of the year, so the is just logical because that it to have the highest variety of lines.

d) autumn is a time the play and pleasure. A high variety of lines reinforces those themes.

7. I m sorry of these line best demonstrate the usage of contrast?

a) “when his wings / the furleth close” and also “he would certainly forego his mortal nature

b) “He has actually his lusty Spring, when an elaborate clear / takes in all beauty, beauty with basic span” and “There are four seasons in the psychic of man

c) “Four periods fill the measure of the year” and “There are four seasons in the mental of man

d) “He has actually his lusty Spring, when sophisticated clear / takes in all beauty with simple span” and “His soul has in that Autumn…contented so to look / On fog in idleness

8. Winter is spoken about _____________. This is most likely to highlight ___________.

a) Sporadically, winter’s longetivity

b) A lot, winter’s brevity

c) Briefly, winter’s brevity

d) Briefly, winter’s longevity

9. Is this poem about actual periods or other else? How have the right to you tell? provide two pieces of evidence from the message to assistance your price (adjectives, the title, conversation etc.).

Keats is using the periods to stand for stages of a human’s life. We understand this because of the 2nd line: “There are four seasons in the mind of man”. Any answer that stated adjectives relating to seasons and/or lines directly linking periods to a life phase (e.g. “quiet coves / His soul has actually in that Autumn”) is accepted. The poem’s title (“The human being Seasons”) additionally counts together acceptable evidence.

10. Select one season. What sort of personality go this season present in the poem? provide three adjectives/lines native the message to assistance your answer.

Spring = noþeles relating come “lusty”, “beauty” or “easy”.

Summer = anything concerned “dreaming”, “ruminating” or “luxury”.

Autumn = anything pertained to “quiet”, “idleness” or “closed”.

Winter = anything regarded “pale”, “misfeature” or “mortal”.

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