Old male at the leg Story review in English and Hindi Pdf. Old man at the bridge is created by Ernest Hemingway.

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Old man at the bridge Story an overview in English through Ernest Hemingway

Old guy at the Bridge about the Author

Ernest Hemingway was born ~ above July 21, 1899 in America. He to be a novelist, quick story writer and journalist. His economical and understated style had a strong influence on 20th-century fiction, while his life of adventure and also his public picture influenced later on generations. Hemingway developed most of his work in between the mid-1920s and the mid-1950s. He won the Nobel prize in literary works in 1954. He released seven novels, six brief story collections, and two non-fiction works. Additional works, including three novels, four short story collections, and also three non-fiction works, were published posthumously. The Old Man and the Sea is considered standard of American literature.

Old male at the leg Summary

The narrator asks the old man around his animalsThe narrator, who was nervously awaiting the advent of the Fascist army and the ensuing battle between the armies, request the old man about his animals. The old guy said that he had actually charge of two goats, a cat and four pairs of pigeons. He said that a captain had actually told him to leave the town and also the animals because of artillery fire. He also told the narrator that he had actually no family. He, then, expressed concern around what would take place to the animals. He stated that the cat would certainly be every right since cats could look after themselves, but he did not understand what would occur to the other animals.

Old man’s politics ViewsThe narrator, that was much more concerned because that the old man’s safety than those of the animals, enquired what the old man’s .politics was. The old male replied the he had actually none. That told the narrator the he to be an old male of 76 and also had come 12 kilometres and was too worn down to walk further. The narrator called him to walk increase the road and also catch a journey on a truck to Barcelona.

The old man expresses his thanks to the narratorThe old man thanked him, however continued to express his problem over the fate the the animals he had actually left behind. The narrator reassured him, saying the animals would it is in fine. The narrator said him that the pigeons would certainly fly away, however the old man ongoing to worry around the goats. The narrator called him that it was much better not come think around them and that he should gain up and walk come the trucks and also leave that place. That thanked the narrator and also got come his feet, swayed from next to side and then sat down backwards in the dust. He reflected his obsession around the fate that his animals when that remarked that ‘he was only taking treatment of animals’. The narrator felt pity for the old man and remarked that there to be nothing come do around him. He believed that the old man’s only luck was that cats might look after ~ themselves and also that the day was overcast, for this reason the Fascists to be unable come launch your planes.

Old guy at the bridge Word Notes and Explanations

pontoon – a momentary floating platformstaggered – walked v unsteady stepsplodded – to walk slowlymysterious – strangeartillery – heavy firearms moved top top wheelshurrying down – relocating down quicklyblankly – disinterestedlycage – a structure made that wires in which animals are keptfascist – a human who supports severe right wing political systemEbro – the name of a river

Old male at the bridge Theme

The story ‘Old male at the Bridge’ encounters the themes that resignation, depression and also impending death. This design template is reflect in a conversation in between a soldier and also an old male who had to leave his hometown during the Spanish polite War. The old man is gripped by panic and anxiety. He is a fatalistic hero that the story that is resigned come his fate together a accident of war. Once the soldier that is concerned about the safety of the old male tells him to walk up the road and catch a drive on the van to Barcelona, he speak him that he is one old man of 76 and also is too worn down to go further. So he resigns self to his fate. Climate the soldier mirrors that the is sure to be killed once the Fascists advancement to the bridge throughout the Ebro. His life is an extensive by the truth that the day is overcast and also the Fascists cannot launch their planes. His psychic is eased by the reality that cats have the right to look after ~ themselves, but aside from the the soldier claims that nothing deserve to be done because that him and also his death seems certain.

The soldier seems more affected by the inevitability of the man’s probable fate than by the old man. On the other hand, the old male is worried around the fate that his animals. That can’t get rid of the assumed of security of his animals. This offers him depression. As soon as the soldier speak him the it is finest not come think around his animals, that is unable to protect against thinking around them. This leader him to depression.

At the nearby of the story the narrator bemoans the old man’s brewing death. He asks him to walk and also catch a journey on the van to Barcelona, yet the old guy expresses his inability to walk due to fatigue. The soldier begins to feeling pity because that him and says, “There to be nothing come do around him.”

Old male at the leg Title

The location of the story ‘Old guy at the Bridge’ is really appropriate since the story revolves approximately the old male who has actually left his hometown during the Spanish civil War and also has came down on the bridge for safety. That is at the bridge that the narrator engages the old guy in conversation. The old man expresses his concern around the security of his animals that he has actually left behind. The thinks that the cat will certainly be every right, however he is worried around the safety and security of the other animals. The narrator is worried about the security of the old male whereas the old male is worried around the safety of his animals. The narrator asks the old man not to think about his animals and to obtain up and walk to the trucks and leave the place, yet the old male who has already walked 12 kilometers on foot expresses his inability to walk as result of fatigue. He stays at the bridge. For this reason the story has actually an apt title.

Old male at the bridge Message

In this story ‘Old man at the Bridge’, the author wants to convey his opposition come war because war spreads panic and anxiety all around. Anyone becomes conscious of the imminent death.

Confusion and also chaos prevail everywhere. During the Spanish polite War, an old male with spectacles sits tired by the side of a road close to a pontoon bridge. The soldier gets engaged in conversation through the old man. Throughout the conversation the soldier concerns know that the old male is worried around the fate the his pets that he had left behind. The soldier is concerned around the safety of the old guy whereas the old man is concerned around the safety of his animals. He tells the old guy to get up and also catch a journey on a van to Barcelona.

He wants the old man to save his life. Yet the old man who is 76 and has to walk 12 kilometers tells the soldier that he is too exhausted to walk and catch a journey on a truck. The old male thanks the soldier because that his worry for his safety, but he continues to to express his worry over the fate that his animals that he had left behind. At the finish of the story, the soldier feel pity because that the old man and thinks, “There was nothing to do around him.” The story reflects that war brings depression, anxiety and also scare the death. For this reason the writer expresses his opposition to war. He conveys a post that war have to be opposed and also avoided.

Old male at the bridge Character Sketch


76 years old, healthy and physically fitleaves his hometown as result of the Spanish polite Warno family, however loves his animals, worried about the security of the animals during warnot worried about his very own safetya fatalistobsessed v the assumed of his animals’ safetyvictim that warreconciles himself through his unavoidable death

The old man, the protagonist that the story ‘Old male at the Bridge’, is a healthy and also energetic old male of 76. That is physical fit and also agile. Throughout the Spanish polite War, he needs to walk 12 kilometers native his hometown to the bridge. He needs to leave his place because a captain told him to leave the town since of artillery fire throughout the Spanish civil War.

He has no family but he loves his animals. He has the fee of two goats, a cat and four bag of pigeons. He is forced to leave his farm and animals behind. However he is worried about the security of his animals. During his conversation v the soldier in ~ the bridge, that reveals that he is not worried around the safety of his own life due to the fact that he is a fatalist; yet he expresses his deep concern about the security of his animals. He speak the soldier the he is no worried around the cat since cats have the right to look after ~ themselves, yet he is worried about the fate of various other animals. That cannot remove the thought about the security of his animals. This thought renders him depressed and also sad.

The old man symbolizes the men and women who have to leave their dwellings as victim of war v which they have nothing to do. The old male is a victim of the war prefer the goats because the goats, uneven the pigeons, can’t fly.

He reconciles himself v his unavoidable death. Once the soldier asks the to record a ride on a van to Barcelona to conserve his life, that refuses to execute so. The soldier takes pity on him and also says “There to be nothing to do about him”. For this reason he is worried more about the safety of his pets than his very own safety.


a scout and also dutiful soldierengages himself in conversation v the old manworried about the safety and security of the old man throughout the waradvises the old guy to leave the place and also save himselffeels pity for the old manexpresses his helplessness to carry out anything around the old manbemoans the old man’s brewing death

The narrator in the story ‘Old male at the Bridge’ is the soldier that comes in call with an old man at the leg where human being are crossing to flee from the Spanish polite War.

The soldier is a scout who duty is to overcome the bridge and also find the end how much the enemy has advanced. He engages himself in conversation through the old man.

During conversation, he concerns know the the old male is worried an ext about the safety of his animals whom he has left behind in his home town 보다 his very own safety. ~ above the other hand, the narrator is worried around the safety of the old man. He speak the old male to take it a drive on a truck to Barcelona, and also save himself yet he refuses to do so. The narrator feel sad around the inevitability the the old man’s fate and also feels pity for him, speak “There to be nothing come do around him”. That bemoans the old man’s imminent death. The conversation shows the old man’s fatalism and also the narrator’s despair in a subtle manner.

Old male at the Bridge critical Appreciation

Conversational FormThe story ‘Old man at the Bridge’ is associated through a conversation in between a soldier and an old guy who had actually to leaving his hometown during the Spanish civil War. The conversation takes location at the bridge whereby the soldier is performing his duty.The story conveys the problems faced by people as victims of battle in the type of a dialogue. The conversation developments the story further and also takes it to its reasonable conclusion. The layout of the story and the characteristic traits of the 2 characters involved in the conversation space revealed v conversation.

First PersonThe story is created in the first person and also narrated by a nameless soldier whose duty is to watch the progressing of the enemy. The soldier has captured the atmosphere of war and the helplessness that the people as victims of war inhis conversation through the old man who was required to leave his hometown and animals behind. He has explored the an ar and the instance by suggestive hints. The an initial person narrative help the reader to determine with the scene of threat and helplessness.

Metaphors and SymbolsThe story abounds in metaphors and symbols. One of the icons is the bridge which to represent uncertainty and dangers. The pigeons symbolise peace and harmony and the truth that they fly away, native the war, may be a recommendation to the refugees who flee from the war to a much safer place. The cat is a prize of self-reliance who does not require anybody come survive, however the goat is frequently used as a sacrificial animal and this probably represents the old guy who reconciles himself with his unavoidable death.

LanguageThe story is narrated in a conversational type and the language used is simple. Yet several simple words space symbolic in significance. The style is lucid and also intelligible. The dialogue in between the soldier and the old man takes the story forward. The straightforward conversation discover the characteristic properties of the speakers and also reflects the template of the story.

FAQs ~ above The Old man At The bridge Summary

Question 1.

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Why go the old guy express his worry about his 2 goats

Answer:The old male expresses his worry around the two goats because he knew that the cats might look after ~ themselves

Question 2.What is the message of the story old guy at the bridge?

Answer:“The Old man at the Bridge” by Ernest Hemingway is the tragedy the war. The author’s intention is to illustrate the way wars disrupt the stays of innocent people who are caught up in the middle, but likewise the method it frustrates those that cannot execute anything about it (0bservers and also foreigners)