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The Pact an introduction & Study guide includes an extensive information and evaluation tohelp you understand the book. This study guide has the complying with sections:
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The Pact through Jodi Picoult is a heart wrenching story the love and also betrayal that will leave readers questioning what they believed they knew of their own morals lengthy after they have actually returned the publication to the shelf. Chris and also Emily grow up together, destined to be lovers before they are even old enough to talk. They room closer than siblings, maybe to feel each other"s pain in a way no one else deserve to possibly understand. One night, all of that changes, however, once their parents obtain the phone call all parents dread. One kid is dead. The other is charged with her murder. Two sets of parental will question their own roles in this tragedy, wondering exactly how they could not check out it coming, how they could allow it to happen. Anyone will desire to point their finger at someone. Whereby the blame really lies, however, is solution that will challenge everything these people thought they knew around themselves. The Pact is a story that love as much as that is a tragedy, a story the will store the leader guessing to the an extremely end.

The Golds and also the Hartes have been next-door neighbors for more than seventeen years, ever since Gus and also Melanie were both pregnant through their an initial children. Those children, born in ~ months of one another, thrived up together. The Golds and also Hartes constantly thought it would certainly be an excellent if their children, Emily and also Chris, were to autumn in love and also get married one day. Currently it seems that this might end up being a truth as Chris and also Emily have been date for 3 years. However, just hrs after the Golds and also Hartes re-publishing a enjoy the meal together, both families get a phone speak to all parental dread. There has been one accident. The children are injured.

James Harte come at the hospital with time to clock his boy being assessed through the emergency room doctors. Chris has actually a huge laceration ~ above his head however otherwise appears to be unharmed. In another part of the emergency room, the Golds arrive. They are escorted come a quiet room wherein they room told your daughter passed away upon arrival at the hospital. Emily to be shot. Think of carjackers or drive-by shootings pass v their minds together they battle with the news that their just child is dead. The police phone call them over there was no one else at the carousel where the kids were found. It appears to have actually been a suicide.

Within a day, however, a police detective starts to make waves, saying to the Golds that kris Harte shot their daughter. Melanie yellow grabs on come this info and permits it to swallow she whole, happy to have someone other than herself to blame because that this tragedy. Michael yellow is not so certain the sweet young boy who was practically a kid to him can have excellent this. The Hartes likewise find this idea ludicrous. Your son can never pains Emily. Once Chris tells the police that it to be a suicide pact gone wrong, the Hartes discover the idea simpler to accept, however now room terrified that kris might try to take his life in the days to come.

It is only a few short work after Emily"s funeral that her parents discover the results of the autopsy. It transforms out that Emily was pregnant, something neither Michael no one Melanie knew. This information provides the police a motive. The police detective theorizes that Chris killed Emily to keep the baby from interfering through his future. A couple of days later, on his eighteenth birthday, kris is arrested. Kris is charged through murder and remanded to the ar jail come await his trial. Kris finds it daunting to get together with the various other inmates, so he spends as lot time alone together possible. In ~ the same time, Chris"s lawyer, Jordan McAfee, starts to prepare a defense.

Jordan does not desire Chris come tell him what occurred the night Emily died. Jordan desires to be able to prepare a defense that has as small to perform with fact as possible. Jordan plans come say that the night Emily died, Chris and Emily had actually intended come die together in a suicide pact. The reality that kris now claims he was never ever suicidal keeps Jordan from allowing Chris come testify. However, the much longer Chris is in jail, the an ext he wants to tell the truth. When his cellmate is judge of killing his infant son and also commits suicide in commonwealth prison, kris becomes no hope to phone call the reality to someone. Lastly Chris blurts the fact to his mother.

Gus has to testify for kris the next day and also finds it complicated to lie under oath. Kris sees his mommy struggle and also stops the testimony. Chris insists he must testify, the he needs to call the human being what occurred that night. Jordan permits this under protest. Moments right into his testimony kris announces that he shoot Emily. Jordan call a recess in order to discover the reality for the very first time in the month he has actually represented Chris. Jordan puts Chris ago on the stand, and also Chris tells the jury how Emily begged the for assist in committing suicide and how he assumed he might stop her if he pretended to walk along. However, when Emily refuse to earlier down, chris left her alone through the gun. As soon as Chris returned, he found that Emily can not execute it. Chris cannot live with the pain that sees Emily carrying and also agrees to aid her. Chris holds the gun, however Emily lifts her hand, pulling the create with him.

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Everyone to trust Chris will be found guilty, also Jordan; however, as soon as the jury returns the adhering to day, castle return with a no guilty verdict. Kris is allowed to walk home. However, the relationship between the Golds and also the Hartes is forever shattered. The Golds relocate out of their house, leaving behind seventeen years of memories.