Imagine this: you a 12-year-old girl. Your finest friend species “Tik Tok, Ke$ha,” right into YouTube. Suddenly, upon your screen shows up this beautiful, young, blonde mrs waking increase in a bath tub looking scraggly, yet hot. Ns had always known I wanted to be cool however understood it would certainly be hard because I did not have the fiscal ability to look as cool as I wanted. Kesha’s Tik Tok changed my entire direction with trying to it is in cool. She no cool to me due to the fact that she to be rich, she was cool since she had fun and looked an excellent being greasy. She encouraged my sixth-grade self that the was okay to grow up to be a trash human covered in glitter. A lb of splendors is every it take away to odor anyone native your absence of brand brand-new flashy items and also still convey just how fun friend are. Also, Kesha looked dirty and pretty in ~ the exact same time, a fully new principle to me that i soon fell in love with. She looked prefer she had fun all the moment without caring what she looked like. This was the moment I knew ns would prosper up to be a trash person covered in glitter that knew exactly how to have a great time.

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I thought of Tik Tok together my song. Also though the was well-known for the following two years, the track was mine the entirety time. The song was what I wanted to become. I eventually saw Ke$ha do in seventh grade v my finest friend, her small brother, and, the course, her all also angelic father. The concert was amazing, even though i don’t remember much since I think i was around 4 feet tall, other than a sense of the crazy power Ke$ha draws roughly her as I experienced a crowd of world naturally kind an apprehensive circle about a other crowd member that squatted down and also peed to mine left. I think I became a cool teenager at this moment. Also though ns was sober as a 7th grader might be, i felt wild. This to be the party life.

Her lyrics developed such an unrealistic feeling of lacking responsibility and lacking supervision that intoxicated me. Every Ke$ha wanted to perform was have actually a an excellent time. Conveyed with her music videos and additionally lyrics such as “brush mine teeth with a party of Jack,” the party never stopped because that Ke$ha. Her song “Crazy, Beautiful Life” really helped what I thought were “crazy” time in center school years an ext bearable. The tween years seem nice hard yet lyrics choose “…trying to acquire a tiny something right, miscellaneous real, at the very least we try, time after time” felt for this reason relatable. It’s profound really.

Kesha additionally played a major part in empowering me as a young woman. Many of her songs identified her as a solid woman terrorizing men, such together Boots and also Boys or Cannibal, with a straightforward threat to rip these men apart with her teeth. Grow a Pear, despite a banger in the time, is about emasculating a man. I supplied to really favor this song since it yes, really made me feel typical for terrorizing evil boys in center school however looking earlier on it is problematic in perpetuating toxicity masculinity.

Kesha’s first two albums were huge staples in my adolescence. Not only was I extremely attracted to she catchy popular music songs, but every music video she exit left me in awe of just how cool a girl could be. This songs were so overtly about sex and also drinking, and even though i was far too young to get involved in this things, the song made me feel all the fun she was having. Kesha literally catalyzed my change from adolescence to adulthood. Dance ballads choose Your Love is mine Drug and Take the Off allowed me to really sculpt myself as a demonstrate in my bedroom.

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Ke$ha dropped off the world for a assignment in an answer to the legal fight with Dr. Luke, her previous producer in connection with to sexual assault. Her many recent album Rainbow is triumphant in the message, but the album is fairly a various sound 보다 her previous power pop songs. A few songs top top the album speak to me such as Praying and Woman, complying with her old trope of woman empowerment. I wanted her older sound, mainly due to the fact that they do me nostalgic for middle school. A many of human being did not like middle school, yet it is once Kesha taught me to it is in cool.