This is my full guide on TS3 Cheats! This provided to be only about the Sims 3 Lifetime pleasure Cheat, but I feeling the must do more. Plus, girlfriend can acquire your name in the credits if you desire to contribute!

Accessing and allowing Cheats

Before you even start, you need to make sure you can accessibility the cheats, and also that they room working. First, walk to your title screen, wherein you can accessibility your different towns.

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Next, you need to enable the cheats. Do the command Ctrl + change + C, comparable to Ctrl + Alt + Delete. Your display screen should come to be a little bit dimmer, and also a text box will show up at the top.


Next, kind in the adhering to command:

testingcheatsenabled true

This is similar to turning on Cheat setting in Unturned, or make a civilization with cheats in Minecraft, or using sv_cheats 1 in almost any source Engine game. Make certain you execute this on the title display or it will NOT WORK. You deserve to toggle cheats turn off by inputting on the house screen, “testingcheatsenabled false” or close up door the game and opening it. This is why you require to allow cheats for each individual session in order for them come work. Remember, to confirm a cheat, push Enter. The Ctrl + change + C command is also how you will access cheat codes while in game. Examine my various other guides for a overview on the cheat codes. Now, let’s move on.

Activating the Cheat

There is one way to activate the cheat after ~ you have testingcheatsenabled rotate on. First, you need to select the center you want to get an ext lifetime delight for. Then, you must open increase the food selection at the bottom wherein you deserve to view basically all of the information about the Sim. You must navigate come the life time Rewards area, and locate this:


Next, you should press and also hold Ctrl, and also click in this tiny area:


Each time friend do, girlfriend will get 500 life time happiness. This have the right to be a an extremely effective cheat, as lifetime joy rewards room usually really good. There’s so lot you have the right to do with this cheat, and also it can make play a lot easier. However have you ever tried…

…using one autoclicker?

Other Cheats



I make this ar by myself when it first came out. That means I might have missed something. If you desire to assist me include something come this part of the guide (or anything else), then follow these actions below:

Scroll down and comment.Help me through at least 1 piece of details to add.If you do, ns will include you come a credits ar at the end. I will certainly not include you come Contributors, due to the fact that when I remove you indigenous the friend’s list, the will get rid of your name on the list. Also, you will certainly have modifying power, and I can’t simply trust someone randomly through something I’ve functioned so tough on. The credits ar will be in bespeak of exactly how much friend helped.

Even though the lifetime delight cheat is just one of the most well-known cheats, there room some other cool cheats to take benefit of. Psychic that most of them need testingcheatsenabled true to work. Here’s the list:

Command Codes

Help for Cheats

testingcheatsenabled – permits cheats, similarly to sv_cheats 1 on resource engine games. Help – offers you a perform of commands.

Cash Cheats

kaching/rosebud – provides the existing household $1,000. Shazaam – gives the existing household $2,500. Motherlode – provides the present household $50,000. Familyfunds – gives the stated amount the money come that certain household.

Building Cheats


buydebug – allows you to buy anything, consisting of locked objects. Moveobjects – allows you place objects anywhere. RestrictBuildBuyinBuildings – use this if the Homeowner’s combination won’t let you develop on a lot. AlwaysAllowBuildBuy – lets you construct during a fire or burglary. ConstrainFloorElevation – Toggles border on elevation. With it disabled, friend can readjust the ground as lot as you want. PlaceFriezes – enables you come make foundations on top of tiled floors. DisableSnappingToSlotson Alt – This stays clear of objects native snapping into position when placing them. Freerealestate – make all lots free.

Other Cheats

AgeuptoNPC – periods up a Sim right into an NPC that lives in your household. Works on children. Resetsim – If over there is a sim that cannot move, this might help. Hideheadlineeffects – Hides the speech and also thought bubbles above a Sim. Jokeplease – provides you a arbitrarily joke. Enablellamas – provides a post saying “Llamas enabled.” or “Llamas disabled.”

Cheats because that Sims

Sim Menu

Infinite Lifetime delight – watch the part of the overview above. Change Relationships – discover the relationships tab, and also you deserve to drag the bar that mirrors the partnership left or right. It will certainly be below another Sim the your sim knows. Modify demands – an in similar way to the cheat to change relationships, you can click and drag your motives, too. Remove Moodlets – If you hold Ctrl while friend click a moodlet, friend can remove them. This can be provided on good, bad, and neutral motives.

Clicking your Sim


Modify properties – click the alternative to change traits will bring up the menu to readjust traits. Straightforward enough. Age Up – Click the alternative ‘Trigger age Transition’ will certainly do precisely what it sound like. Deserve to only be used to age forwards.

The Shift-Click

If friend press and hold shift while girlfriend click something, that can offer you special choices while in cheat mode. Here’s a perform of cheats:

Sim Stuff

Force a sim to move In – If friend Shift-Click a Sim that isn’t in the household, you deserve to take regulate of them and also force them to sign up with your household. Pressure Events/Opportunities – If you shift-click her workplace, you can trigger events or opportunities.

Mailbox Clicker

There are several alternatives when friend shift-click the Mailbox of her home. Many of them are really clear through the name. Here’s the list: do Me know Everyone do All Happy Make needs Static (disables all 6 of your needs) do Me Friends set Job (Can be supplied to readjust your job and also the rank of her job) change Looks (like face features)

Other Stuff

Teleportation – Shift-click any patch of open land and also select the teleport option to teleport there.

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Build ~ above Non-Owned too many – You can use this to construct on lots that you perform not own. Personally, it seems prefer it is not advantageous to me because you can use cheat to obtain the money come buy the lots.