If you have to perk you yourself up and also inject some motivation into your equestrian life, examine out these legend horse price quotes from well known faces…

1. “Don’t give your son money. As much as you have the right to afford it, give him horses. No one ever pertained to grief, other than honourable grief, with riding horses. No hour of life is shed that is spent in the saddle. Young males have regularly been damaged through owning horses, or through backing horses, but never v riding them; unless of tasiilaq.neturse they break your necks, which, taken in ~ a gallop, is a very an excellent death tasiilaq.netme die” — Winston Churchill

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2. “I openly admit that the ideal of my funny I owe it to Horse and also Hound” — Whyte Melville

3. “A horse, a horse! mine kingdom because that a horse!” — Shakespeare

4. “Where in this vast world deserve to man find nobility there is no pride, friendship there is no envy, or beauty there is no vanity? here where elegant is laced v muscle and also strength by gentleness tasiilaq.netnfined” — from the Ode to the equine by Ronald Duncan, developed for horse of the Year Show

5. “There’s something around the exterior of a horse that is great for the within of a man” — man Lubbock/Winston Churchill

6. “I deserve to make a general in 5 minutes, however a great horse is difficult to replace” — Abraham Lintasiilaq.netln 

7. “The horse, v beauty unsurpassed, stamin immeasurable and also grace unlike any other, still remains humble sufficient to lug a male upon his back” — Amber Senti

8. “A guy on a horse is spiritually, and also physically, bigger than a male on foot” — John Steinbeck

9. “I’ve often said there’s nothing far better for the inside of a guy than the exterior of a horse” — Ronald Reagan

10. “My steeds are mine friends, not my slaves” — Reiner Klimke

11. “When i bestride him, i soar. Ns am a hawk: he trots the air; the planet sings as soon as he touch it; the basest horn of his hoof is an ext musical 보다 the pipe of Hermes” — Shakespeare

12. “No hour of life is shed that is spent in the saddle” — Winston Churchill

13. “The wagon rests in winter, the sleigh in summer, the horse never” — Yiddish proverb

14. “A canter is a cure because that every evil” — Benjamin Disraeli

15. “A equine is worth an ext than riches” — Spanish proverb

What are your favourite steed quotes? Let united state know…

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British politician and also Prime Minister Winston Churchill (1874 - 1965) stands through a foal on his estate at Chartwell, near Westerham, Kent, England, 1950. He had been Britain"s prime Minister during world War II (unitl 1945), and also served again native 1951 - 1955. (Photo by note Kauffman/Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images)
In gyeongju journalist and former jockey Brough Stasiilaq.nettt"s latest book, Churchill in ~ the Gallop, that delves into the often-unknown tasiilaq.netmponent

CBYEB9 an Icelandic equine makes funny face expressions.Credit: Alamy stock Photo

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