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hatchet Writ that Certirari
Definition an order from the can be fried Court come a lower court to send up the documents on a case for review.

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Term every Curiam Opinion
Definition a quick unsigned declare of a supreme Court decision
Term Brief
Definition a created statement setting forth1. Legal arguments2. Appropriate facts3. Precedentssupporting one side of a case
Term Precedent
Definition a model(case) top top which to base later on decisions or actions
Term Amicus Curiae
Definition Latin because that "Friend the the Court" meaning a written quick from one indiviual or group claiming to have information beneficial to a court"s consideration of a case- a way to lobby
Term bulk Opinion
Definition the Court"s decision express the views of the bulk of justices
Term Dissenting Opinion
Definition the opinion expressed by a decimal of justices in a Court case
Term Lobbying
Definition direct call made through a lobbyist in order to persuade government officals to assistance the polices their interst team favors
Term exactly how does the supreme Court effect us?
Definition 1. Interprets law2 forms public policy
Term Opinion
Definition a composed explaination the a Sumpreme Court decision or the translate of state structure or state regulations by the state"s lawyer general
Term Unanimous Opinion
Definition a Cpurt decision in which every justices vote the same way
Term Concurring Opinion
Definition The court"s opinion express the see of a justice(s) that agree with the majority"s conclusions yet for various reasons
Term 4 species of Decisions
Definition 1. Unanimous2. Majority3. Concurring4. Dissenting
Term exactly how do most instances come come the supreme Court?
Definition appeal
Term The procedure of an very nice one Case
Definition 1. Petition for Writ the "Cert"is offered to the court2. 1/3 the the cases are put on a discuss list by judge or regulation clerks3. If 4 of the judge agree they will certainly accept the case- "the ascendancy of 4"4. The situation will climate be handled in 3 waysa. Reverted to lower court for brand-new decisionb. Per curiam opinionc. Full consideration
Term exactly how many instances are heard through the Court?
Definition 1/3
Term ~ the Court accepts a case, what 3 decision can be made?
Definition 1. Return to reduced court2. Per curiam opinion3. Full consideration
Term How many justices does it require to accept a case?
Definition 4
Term What is the very first thing that has to happen in order because that the Court come hear a case?
Definition petition because that writ the "Cert"
Term When cases are welcomed for complete consideration, what 5 actions are taken?
Definition 1. Briefs from both lawyers and possibly lobbiests2. Dental Arguments3. Conference4. Vote5. Opinion
Term how long space oral arguments for each side of the case?
Definition 30 minutes
Term top top what job does the Sumpreme Court hold confernce and also what therefore they do?
Definition 1. Fridays2. Lock shake hands, store things secret, spend 30 min on each case, and also spend 5 mins on feasible furture cases.
Term perform 3 points to remember about the Court"s Vote
Definition 1. 6 members have to be present2. Majority rules3. If the ties, the lower court"s decision stays
Term Charles Evans Hughes
Definition frequently safeguarded dissenting opinions that the court
Term Clarence Gideon
Definition too bad to hire a lawyer and also appealed come the court that in order to have actually a same trial he need to be appointed a lawyer by the state. He winner his appeal and the justices opionion came under on his side.
Term justice Review
Definition the supreme Court"s strength to examine the laws and also actions that local, state, nationwide governments and also to cancel them if they hurt the Constitution
Term What situation did the supreme Court assume the power of judicial Review?
Definition Marbury v Madison
Term Impound
Definition the court borders the strength of the president or refuses to invest money the Congress has appropriated
Term Miranda v Arizona
Definition the Court ruled that police had actually acted uncostitutionally and had violated a suspect"s rights- thus starting the reading of your miranda rights
Term rigid Decsis
Definition Latin ax that means "let the decision stand"
Term Advisory Opinions
Definition a judgment on a law or action that has not been challenged
Term Blocs
Definition coalition that promotes a common interest
Term totter Vote
Definition the deciding vote
Term Brown v Board
Definition cleared the means for the finish of segregated institutions throughout the nation
Term What borders are top top the Sumpreme Court?
Definition 1. Species of issues2. Varieties of cases3. Minimal agenda4. Enforcement strength 5. Checks and also balances
Term What 2 species of school is the can be fried Court?
Definition 1. Legal2. Political
Term 3 means Policy is determined
Definition 1. Righteousness Review2. Interpreting the Law3. Overturning the Law
Term What 3 cases set policy by justice Review?
Definition 1. Dred Scott2. Brown v board of Ed3. Miranda v Arizona
Term Dred Scott case
Definition the Court ruled the the Missouri Compromise, i m sorry banned slavery in part territories, was unconstitutional
Term Interpreting the Law
Definition Congress uses very general language in frame its laws, leaving it to others to interpret exactly how the law applies to a certain situation. The Disablities Act and the Civil rights Act have lead many instances to the can be fried Court.

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Term Overturning earlier Decisions
Definition Stare Decisis and precedent make a decision top top a situation predictibleThe law is flexible due to the fact that of the readjust in the Court"s compostition by a justice dice or retiring.
Term 3 species of issues the court hears
Definition 1. Constitutional concerns in polite liberties, economic issues, commonwealth legislation and also regulations2. Due procedure of law3. Disputes in between national government and states
Term What 4 criteria does the supreme court use to determine the types of cases it will certainly hear?
Definition 1. Instances where the decision will make a difference2. The person or team bringing the instance must have suffered real harm, such as denial of polite liberties or econmic loss3. Situations that involve a comprehensive federal question
Term 5 forces that shape the decisions of the supreme Court
Definition 1. Law2. An individual Views3. Justice interactions4. Society5. Presdient and also Congress