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No No Square describes a singing or tune originating in 2009 which refers to abstinence or rape. The song lyrics "Stop touch touch me there, this is mine no no square" refers to the genital region. Many YouTubers from 2012 to 2017 started creating songs and also animations utilizing the lyrics and also in 2019, tik users began uploading dances to the song.


The ax "no-no square" first appeared digital on February 19th, 2008, once Urban Dictionary<2> user holly&kristen uploaded the definition as "a square/area that is a component of a girl or boy, the is refered to together a no-no." In might 2009, follow to the DailyKos<1>, the state that Mississippi determined to deal with the problem of teen pregnancy during a high school rally in i m sorry there to be a cheer contest. The cheerleaders that chanted "Stop! Don"t touch me there! This is my no-no square!" won.


On September 2nd, 2012, YouTuber The angel Murkurker uploaded the music video clip "No No Square- The angel Murkurker" (shown below, left). The video clip gained over 259,700 views in seven years. ~ above July 14th, 2017, YouTuber Kittydog uploaded an man no no square music video which garnered over 31,800 see in 2 years (shown below, right).

marcoesparza uploaded a dance video clip using the kittydog sound clip (shown below, left). The video clip gained end 118,700 likes in ripe days. Top top December 11th, TikToker
eocean2001 uploaded another video using the very same dance which accumulated over 1.6 million likes in two days (shown below, right).



About a week ago, this pop-punk adjacent jingle gained stuck right into the internet"s head started from an October 12th TikTok. TikTokers started singing the "Burger Queen" anthem in their own videos, spreading the lyrics together a catchphrase to various other platforms.

The yearly trend that putting significantly absurd points inside Halloween candy and making PSAs around it began in 2011 v Jacksfilms and also is still very alive to this day.

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