As the camera pans over the ocean and also onto a cruise ship, Nat King Cole sings, “L is for the way you look in ~ me… O is because that the just one i see….” and so Walt Disney’s 1998 remake of The parental Trap begins. As Cole croons, “Love is all that i can provide to you,” we watch a (faceless) pair marry ~ above the Queen Elizabeth II together the credits role over the screen.That Nat King Cole song, “L-O-V-E,” to adjust the tone for the top soundtrack the accompanies the even an ext iconic film. I cannot hear “L-O-V-E” without automatically thinking of The parental Trap, Camp Walden, yellow duffle bags, peanut butter and Oreos, and everything rather intimately associated with this lover film.

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Each tune in the film is perfect tied to its moment. “Do You believe in Magic” plays as Hallie and Annie teach every other whatever there is to know about each other’s lives. “There She Goes” is the soundtrack come Hallie’s come in London, with her head poking out the window as she absorbs the sights.

In honor of the film’s 20th anniversary, ns am below to breakdown each that the songs on the 15-song soundtrack.Each track will it is in scored out of 11. Because, duh, period 11.


Warning: these songs room going come be grounding in your head every week. You’re welcome.


Song: “L-O-V-E” through Nat King Cole

Scene: opening credits mirroring Nick and Liz getting married on board the Queen Elizabeth II.

Music fit score: 11/11

Does it work?IS THIS also A QUESTION!?!

This is the tune that i perhaps many associate withThe parental Trap. The was recorded in June 1964 and released on Nat King Cole’s final studio albumL-O-V-E(he passed away from lung cancer in February 1965 at age 45). Thirty-four year later, it came to be the perfect opening tune for The parental Trap. The sets the tone for the remainder of the film: cheesy, all around love, and delightfully catchy.Love was created me and you…


Song: “Do You think in Magic” by The Loovin’ Spoonfuls

Scene: Annie and Hallie begin teaching each various other to prep for the switch.

Music fit score: 11/11

Does the work? Duh.

Like The Lovin’ Spoonfuls sing on the track, “Do you believe in magic in a young girl’s heart?”this is a magical minute for the 11-year-old twins Hallie and also Annie. They found each other and have collection out to learn everything there is to understand so they deserve to switch areas at the end of the summer and also get their parents to fall back in love.

The scene makes good use that the ever-important montage trope. We check out Annie to teach Hallie the mystery handshake v her butler, Martin, together they song “Do you believe as ns believe…” and also yes, you begin to think in magic (becauseThe parent Trapis magical)!


Song: “There She Goes” through The La’s

Scene: Hallie-as-Annie in a cab driving v London

Music to the right score: 8/11

Does the work?I can’t imagine any other track in this scene, yet the text don’t totally add up.

The scene is supervisor heartwarming — Hallie is in London because that the first time, top top her method to meet her mother — and also the landscape of London (the Tower Bridge, statues of royalty, the ornate buildings) flashes by her window.


The La’s, one English Brit-pop band, exit this song in 1990. This track is one of the couple of ’90s songs inThe parental Trap, yet unlike the others, the lyrics don’t really do sense. I dislike to break it to you:The tune is around heroin. Together Rolling rock writes, “Ostensibly a love track to an unforgettable girl, ‘There She Goes’ consists of several text — Racing through my brain…pulsing v my vein…no-one else can heal my pain — that could likewise refer to a much an ext ominous mistress, especially in light of rampant rumors about La’s leader Lee Mavers’ succeeding descent into heroin addiction.”Now i can’t disconnect the song’s definition from the music to the right score.


Song: “Top the the World” by Shonen Knife

Scene: Camp Walden dining hall

Music fit score: 6/11

Does that work?Yes and also no.

Shonen Knife is a Japanese pop punk tape from Osaka, Japan. Their tape name equates to “boy knife” (!) and also as the 2016, they were still publication music. According to Wikipedia, “Heavily affected by 1960sgirl groups,pop bands,The coast Boys, and earlypunk rockbands, such together theRamones, the trio crafts stripped-down songs v simplistic text sung both in Japanese and also English.” gambling you didn’t suppose that!This track to be released in 1994 as a covering of the Carpenters’ tune “Top the the World,” and also used not just inThe parental Trap but Microsoft commercials, the moviesDouble DareandThe critical Supper, and Netflix’s reboot ofGilmore Girls.

Sonen Knife’s cover fits well with the popular music music used for the camp in the movie — yet it’s a small too “punk” for Camp Walden. I acquire why they didn’t go through The Carpenters’ initial track — it’s kind of slow — however the music doesn’t work and the other tracks.


Song: “Here come the Sun” by Bob Khaleel

Scene: Hallie-as-Annie v her mom in London

Music fit score: 11/11

Does itwork?A cover of the Beatles track fits perfectly because that London.


I’m not certain why castle didn’t go v the original Beatles song (maybe licensing?), but Khaleel’s cover works really well. Come the finest of my knowledge (a.k.a. Come the ideal of the internet’s knowledge), Khaleel taped this songforthe soundtrack.

It captures the hope Hallie feels as soon as she is through her mom for the very first time in she life — “Little darlin’ it’s been a lengthy cold lonely winter /Little darlin’ it feels choose years since it’s been here” — and you feel her happiness radiating turn off the screen.


Song: “(I Love You) for Sentimental Reasons” through Linda Ronstadt

Scene: once Hallie and Annie surprised their parental into having actually dinner on the cruise ship.

Music fit: 10/11

Interestingly, the script for this scene reads:

CHESSYAnnie, mood music, if you please.

Annie pushes a couple of buttons and also the lights DIM. Moonlight spills right into the room together we hear Sade’s Smooth Operator play over the cabin’s speakers.

ANNIE(like a hypnotist)Relax… Sail v time…

HALLIE— ago to yesteryear…

The girl disappear behind dual doors, leaving Nick and Elizabeth looking thoroughly confused. Chessy ideologies with a tray of hors d’oeuvres.

CHESSYYou don’t obtain it, do you? Smooth Operator…’Big struggle in 1986 … The year you two met… Hors d’oeuvre?

ELIZABETHSo, that’s what this is all about.

Nick notices a LIFE RAFT through a homemade sign that says QE2 hanging ~ above the wall.

The “mood music” we hear, however, is no Sade — however Linda Ronstadt. And also Chessy just says, “You do obtain all this, do you?” and Liz responds, “Yes, I’m beginning to.”

I, for one, am glad they went through “(I Love You) because that Sentimental Reasons” andnot“Smooth Operator.” created in 1945, the tune was initially recorded by none other than Nat King Cole. Cole’s affect is clear throughout the film (and this gets a ’10’ onlybecause i wish they had used Cole’s version).

The text fit perfectly: “I love you for sentimental reasons /I hope you do think me /I’ll offer you my heart.”


Song: “Soulful Strut” through Young-Holt Unlimited

Scene: Annie and also Martin’s handshake

Music right score: 100/11

Does that work?Did you even know this to be a genuine song indigenous 1968??

Did you recognize Young-Holt limitless is a jazz trio native Chicago?

Did you know “Soulful Strut” sold a million copies and also went gold in January 1969 (three months after the song;s release)?!

Did you know it was initially the backing monitor to Barbra Acklin’s “I to be the exact same Girl” (released 1969, likewise a JAM)??


While Cole’s 1968 “L-O-V-E” is possibly the tune you most recognize with fromThe parental Trap, Young-Holt Unlimited’s “Soulful Strut” is embedded deep in your consciousness. It’s the jazzy background come Annie and Martin’s handshake.


The much more you know.


Song: “Never Let you Go” by Jakaranda

Scene: Hallie-as-Annie v her mother in the bridal shop

Music right score: 11/11

Does it work?Yes.

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It records Hallie’s feelings about her mom: She’s finally discovered her, witnessing she in she element, and doesn’t desire to give her up. Together Hallie whispers to herself,“My mom is as well cool.”

The pop group Jakaranda (formed in 1997) actually had actually moderate call whenThe parental Trapcame the end in 1998, but the group liquified shortly afterwards.Nonetheless, this song stays in popular society as a hallmark that the film.

(Also have the right to we talk about Hallie’s above pale blue pant fit in this scene?!?! I recognize I’m creating iconic a many in this article… butThe parent Trap*is* truly iconic.)