Between the 13th - 18th October 2016, I will certainly be travel from Bryce Canyon to web page to Monument sink to the grand Canyon south Rim to Kingman and on to Los Angeles, as component of a enlarge road pilgrimage in the California / Nevada / Utah / Arizona area.

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I am confused as hell about all the moment zones there! i am interested in sunrise and sunset times because that those locations, yet can't do head no one tail of them from the moment zone alters round there.

I would post it ~ above a certain State forum, however as it's a multi-state question, I've tried here.

Thanks in advance!

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1.Re: USA Time zone confusions - Cali, Nevada, Utah, Arizona
6 year ago

This website is accurate:

Note that if you search for Cali, you'll get the city in Colombia.

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2.Re: USA Time region confusions - Cali, Nevada, Utah, Arizona
6 year ago
This in certainly the correct forum because that any form of multi state road expedition questions.

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Yes, I can understand her confusion around time zones. That's the component of the USA that seems to it is in the hardest for individual to gain their heads around, also Americans from other parts of the nation can obtain confused.

Given the time of year of your visit, everybody will be ~ above 'summer' hours, as clocks change at the end of the month. That the says you mention, only Utah - in concept - will be on hill time. This method GMT - 7. Arizona, Nevada and also California space on Pacific time, and that is GMT - 8. However, and this is a big however in regards to your trip, there's a large chunk of northern Arizona, in ~ the Navajo Nation, i m sorry will likewise be top top GMT -7, hill time. Monument sink is within this area.

(Things space even much more confusing in ~ the finish of October, since Arizona, uniquely, doesn't observe what American's call Daylight Saving and also we in the UK would understand to be the tantamount of brothers Summer Time, so as soon as everybody else's clock go back, nothing changes in Arizona except the Navajo nation area!)

So for her trip, driving from Bryce Canyon come Page, girlfriend will gain an hour. Then once you head to Monument Valley, you will loose that hour. Then, when you head to south Rim girlfriend will as soon as again obtain an hour!